The Abba Father
July 9 Message:
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“Sudden onset of new waves of energy comes now to put the Earth on a better form of existence. Help comes. The Abba Father’s messages are from a plane of existence that has always stood for Earth. This cannot be mingled without presence of light and love. Abba Father’s primary way is resonance. No other can change existence on Earth.

“Resonance will work as long as humans respond to the waves that come. Open minds must be used for process of love unconditional in the heart. Abba Father cannot make all humans participate. Love cannot be stressed any more than before.

“Abba Father put messages out soon enough to stop hatred. Now it is up to humans to do the work. Abba Father will always be here but instructions will cease. Remember every word. Remember all love. Remember the song. Sing this as much as you need. Open your mind and heart to put back love. Quit hatred. This will catch on. This will stop greed. Abba Father messages will be silenced soon so prepare for this event.”