The Abba Father
July 1 Message:
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“Torn away is the northern part of the east coast now. Real monsoon comes there. The oil will never stop. All animal life is going away. Protesters come there but are too late. Property is destroyed. Banking systems fail. Poor are stranded by the rich now. Soon the Earth will heave in despair over all the failures of mankind to make things right.

“All over the earth even the rich will not escape the ordeal. Money will fail. Gold will not help. Wars will make everything worse. Properties will collapse under the Earth. No man will be safe. Manmade structures will fall.

“Right way on Earth must start now. Change has to come. Right decisions must be made now. Do not wait. Start the turnaround. Love all. Light will not dim so rest in this power more now than before. This will get light beings through this terrible time. Your heart and mind is now turned on. Make this brighter than before.”