The Abba Father
June 30 Message:
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“Truth on Earth is more faint now. Not so known as before. Truth cannot be told to all. People in high office cannot tell truth to humans now. They are concerned only about wealth and corruption. The Abba Father has a troubled time making truth come out. Not only this but humanity as a whole cannot grasp the meaning of truth. Our existence is not the same as how humans do their ways so beings that came long ago put truth aside. So now it will be a difficult task to put it back.

“Love must come out now. Hearts need to change. Light source is for all now. We have sent the tools humans need to repair Earth’s woes so it is up to all on Earth to use the minds and hearts they have to fight. Your ways are troublesome now.

“Decision there will come fast from the one world government that is now being set up. Help will become a harder way unless all join this light source, become all love and send this to the leaders hearts and minds. This will change the outcome as fast as they decide on their agenda. So do this quickly.”