The Abba Father
June 18 Message:
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“Poor ones inside a country holds the wealth of the world now. Stop the greed there. Do nothing to the people in that country. This is a stern warning to anyone all over the Earth who participates in this country’s destruction. Lives will be lost there and many Americans will not return home. The world systems will not let American greed go there. No one can win this battle there. The people must keep all their land intact. Do not let others mine there. All the minerals there are not worth many lives.

“The Mother Earth is too precious to continue to mar her body anymore. Wealth will become useless in the coming days. Love will be left. No other. Strict warning to get out of this          country. Put the many forces into repair of the Earth so no one gets harm done to them.

“Mining our Earth has always been wrong. Do not go there. Stop this. Stern warning comes now. Do not wait. Stop the wars. Wealth will end. The ones who want to mine are keepers of an order called a One World Government. They want others to become slaves for gold and all mining will kill the land. Keep this in mind always and never forget how you began. Our Earth was once green and lush but this mining way has damaged the Earth and now this Earth is becoming a desert where no crops will grow and all water is polluted. So beware of this happening. Do the right thing. No more mining for anything. Let the Earth rest. Love all. No hatred.

“Get ready for many who will take over and demand control. Sadness will come.”