The Abba Father
June 12 Message:
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“Your tides will soon be too hot for the people. A turning of events come. The Earth is beginning to wobble on its axis soon to make a devastating angle. We cannot have this event happen now with the oil so widespread. A vault very ancient one that contains a device will have to be detonated to reverse this. Kings from before had knowledge of this device but was not needed then. Now we cannot wait for a settling of the Earth.

“The sudden collapse will happen soon of all money change. Nothing can reverse the events but a single powerful hidden device will stop the Earth’s wobble. We know you are all in danger so keep to love among each other.

“This is all the humankind will be left with so hold on to one-another in perfect love. This will carry you on. A resonance was given to all; one that prepared you for this event. You will not be afraid wrapped in the resonance of unconditional love.”