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Chemtrails Over Portland

The Threat Of Military Weather Manipulation


According to a recently published paper the U.S. Military seeks to have total control of the world's weather by 2025 to help gain "battlespace dominance."


It is my contention that the constant seeding of our skies with metallic clouds, and the blasting of low frequency radio waves from HAARP into the Earth's ionosphere, are indications that our military is well on its way to achieving its objectives.


Climate change is accepted as a new and very real threat to the world's delicate ecological balance. Meteorologists are blaming it on global warming. But what if the secret activities of our military weather tinkering is the real culprit?


There is a sick feeling in the back of my mind that in our zeal for world dominance, the military is willing to gamble with the weather patterns of an already ecologically stressed planet.


The daily seeding of the skies with tiny particles of aluminum, boron and other metals are believed to be part of a military weapon linked with HAARP. The particles also control the amount of sunlight hitting the Earth and I believe they have an effect on the weather. As they slowly fall to the ground, humans and animals breath this stuff, getting these minute particles in the lungs. It is thus a health hazard.


The shooting of low frequency radio waves into space are known to cause a superheating of the ionosphere. But is it causing permanent damage to that protective layer of the thin atmosphere surrounding our planet? Is HAARP the real culprit behind the breakdown of the Earth's protective ozone layer? While the HAARP apparatus is primarily located in Alaska, the biggest hole in the ozone is occurring over Antarctica, which suggests there may not be a link.


Yet HAARP seems to be capable of passing through the Earth and affecting world events on the other side of the planet. I have noticed that during hurricane season, as the big storms bear down on the U.S. coast, something diverts them. At the last moment they seem to fall apart or turn and wander safely off into the North Atlantic. I suffer a personal reaction to the powerful HAARP waves, so I usually know when they are on. There is a link between hurricane season and the times I am buggered by HAARP. I believe HAARP is being used to divert these storms.


What I also notice is that major earthquakes often occur on the opposite side of the world during our HAARP assaults on hurricanes. Two of the worst hit areas have been Turkey and last year, Iran. It seems that the Middle East is in our line of fire as we attack storms in the Atlantic just off the Gulf of Mexico.


The recent announcement by President Bush that his administration wants to beat China's efforts to establish a colony on the Moon, and even go on to send a manned mission to Mars, implied a veiled declaration of a military plan for space dominance. If we can place a military base on the Moon before anyone else, we can control Earth.


Thus the phrase "battlespace dominance" takes on a special new meaning.


Instead of putting forth a united world effort to save our dying planet and try to stave off the looming extinction of the human race, our political and military leadership is racing to gain world dominance. Already considered the only remaining world superpower, the United States has become a world bully.


My concern is that we are turning our focus in the wrong direction. Instead of agitating other nations, we should be working closely with them to solve problems of air, water and ground contamination, seeking new energy sources that will protect the environment, and perhaps move collectively toward a global government and economic system.


If we can, indeed, control the weather, we should be finding ways to bring rain to the desert areas of the world, stave off global warming and the threat of a new ice age, and do all that we can to prolong the inevitable extinction of our race.


Following our current leadership on the path it is taking invites world conflict and disaster for everybody.

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