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Bush Legacy: Slave Labor Without Overtime!
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Seated at a desk in the Rose Garden a jubilant President Bush signed into law a bill that ends the seventy-five year old government-enforced tradition of making employers pay their over worked and under paid slave force for time toiled beyond 40-hours a week.
Ending the practice of employers paying employees is the kind of economic stimulus that we need to get this country back on track, said President Bush. The No more overtime bill is a step in the right direction, although we have a lot more work to do including discarding the minimum wage, busting unions and getting rid of antiquated child labor laws.
The bill goes into immediate effect and is expected to save employers more than $400 billion during the first year, which they will no longer have to share with bitching, ungrateful employees.
The more capital a business has, the more likely it is it will invest in new employees that it wont pay, said Millionaire, ex-CEO of Global Inc., Senator Fred Edwards (R-CO).
Well, everyones finally gone bat shit, said Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI), the lone democrat to vote against the measure.

Compassionate conservative President Bush gets a shit eatin' grin on his face every time he gets to pass legislation into law that will screw the common man. 

Class warfare, class warfare, did you hear him say class warfare!, crowed Millionaire Agro. Rancher, Senator Chris Jennings (R-ND). Democrats are always whining about this mythical class structure that we all know doesnt exist in this country. Anyone can get anywhere that they want to through hard work, especially the children of the people who own large corporations.
In place of overtime pay, workers will receive voluntary time off, which can be used only at their employers discretion.
Let me get this straight, its up to me whether my employees actually really get any time off? Sweet, said Jack Russell, president of Interquest Media. Does that mean I dont have to let them off at all? Cool.
One third of American workers already dont take off their two pitiful weeks of vacation a year because they are scared of being perceived as slackers. This voluntary time off is just a smoke screen to enslave us all, said Roberta Peterson, head of Workers United Together, a workers rights advocacy group.
When asked what they were going to do with the money saved from not paying overtime, CEOs responses varied.
We are truly gods upon the earth, said Ernest Warren, President of Shell Oil. Im going to have a new helicopter pad installed on top of my home in Tahiti. Oh what the hell, Ill have helicopter pads installed on all of my houses. You only live once, right?

Bill Gates will likely use the money he saves from not having to adequately compensate his employees on continuing to enslave humanity with his omnipresent Windows operating system.

Im going to put it in the bank, imagine the interest that will accrue on that sucker, said Bill Gates, CEO.
Reaction about the bill among the 299,900,000 workers in the country was mixed.
A recent CNN/Gallup poll revealed that 85% of American workers had no idea their overtime benefits were being slashed. A full 98% said that they felt as if they worked their asses off for nothing.
Those cock suckers are doin what? Mick Escalido, 42, a dockworker in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Youre fuckin with me, right?
Get back to work Escalido, those boxes dont move themselves, said his immediate supervisor, Gerry Garbono, 51.
When asked what he thought of the overtime situation Garbano replied Look, they are bumpin productivity up 20% and the boss has already said he aint hiring anybody new, I aint got time to blow my nose let alone talk to you about this.
If President Bush wrote it then it must be good, right said Dwayne White, 33, Carthage, Missouri, an out of work slaughterhouse worker.
However, unions came out strongly against the new bill.
Were mad as heck and we arent going to take it anymore, said Union Leader Jimmy Florenzo.
When asked what the union was going to do, Florenzo replied by making a cat claw with his hand and scratching the air. Pfft. Pfft. Were going to get mad, were going to get real mad.
Realizing that he looked ridiculous Florenzo stopped and grew apprehensive. I think were screwed.
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