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Aaron Warns China American War Looms
He said it in 2001 when the probability of a war between the United States and China may have seemed higher. Now psychic and remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue renews his warning that the growing nuclear threat in North Korea may be a catalyst for renewed tensions.
Many Americans don't consider China a threat. Ivan Eland, a specialist in defense policy at Cato Institute, cites a recent study of China's military build-up to conclude that the country is more interested in expanding a regional sphere of influence and continuing economic development. Eland said he did not believe China was a threat to U. S. interests.
One might remember that the so-called "poker face" is engrained in the Chinese culture. Unlike the Americans, it is difficult to read what is on their minds through body language and acts. The Chinese are so skilled at self control it is difficult to understand the direction the leadership of that nation is taking by simply examining public statements and actions.
There have been ominous signs, however, that all is not well between China and the United States, especially since George W. Bush came to power.
It was a Chinese air force jet that collided with one of our spy planes over the South China Sea and forced it to land on an island off the Chinese mainland shortly after Bush took office in 2001. The plane's crew was held by the Chinese for several weeks.
The Chinese have quietly developed one of the largest naval forces in the world, with special emphasis on its submarine fleet. Thanks to a recently uncovered spy network within our own government, China has become a nuclear power with sophisticated intercontinental ballistic missle capability.
Now that North Korea has a million-member army, and has made open moves toward developing nuclear weapons and missle delivery systems, that little country, filled with starving people living under a dictatorship, is recognized as a threat to the United States.
Any attempt by the Bush Administration to politically deal with the North Korean issue is clearly fraught with danger. The North Koreans are linked both politically and socially to the neighboring Chinese. A conflict with one might easily generate a conflict with both countries. The problem is compounded because Mr. Bush does not appear to be a very bright president. He tends to deal with problems by force rather than diplomacy. Because of his adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, he has entangled much of America's military power in long term peace keeping operations throughout the Middle East. Is he not draining America's ability to defend itself on the home front?
America's decision earlier this year to launch an unprovoked attack on the small country of Iraq because Mr. Bush and England's Tony Blair claimed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein possessed "weapons of mass destruction" branded the U.S. as a dangerous world aggressor. The world frowns as our troops comb the countryside, killing and capturing Iraqi leadership for so-called "war crimes," even though no evidence of weapons of mass destruction can be found.
Aaron C. Donahue warns that an attack against the United States may already be in the works. If true, it may be a strategy of self-defense because the U.S. appears to be a world bully that is out-of-control. Because billions of Christians, including the angelic driving Bush Administration, are sharing an apocalyptic death wish, Donahue believes such an attack is a real possibility.

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