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Weather Woes Have Only Just Begun


By James Donahue

March 3, 2006


Even as an army of killer tornadoes marched across six Midwestern States Sunday, Prophet and Psychic Aaron C. Donahue was telling his radio listeners that the severe storms and weather patterns witnessed in the last two years are only the beginning of the horrors that lie ahead.


Referring to the hurricane season that lies around the corner, Donahue said we can expect another bad year.


“You will see amazing things happen this year,” he said. “The earth will rise up and strike you down.”


He told Luciferians, however, that if they become one with the Earth, and learn to communicate with it, the planet will actually protect them, no matter where they live.


He said he has learned, as a magickian, how to not only communicate, but to alter the weather when it is needed. Donahue said one day when he was involved in an outdoor project that would have been damaged in rain, a threatening storm came up. He said he managed to keep his project dry until it was finished.


“It was amazing. You could see the sheets of heavy rain all around me, but where I was it was dry. It was like the sky opened up just for me,” he said.


He said this was not a miracle. It simply involved communication.


Donahue said he learned this when he watched the Hopi dance to make it rain in the desert so their corn would grow.


How bad will the year’s storms be?  Donahue is keeping that information to himself. He says he is tired of other would-be psychics stealing his predictions and claiming them for their own.


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