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Advanced PAN Classes To Be Offered


By James Donahue

March 6, 2006


Psychic Remote Viewer Aaron C. Donahue and his Psychic sister Jennifer Sharpe announced that second and third stage classes in advanced remote viewing and PAN are in the works for students that complete Jennifer’s State One class.


They said classes in second and third stage viewing will begin for the advanced students in about four weeks. All of the classes will be taught on line.


Jennifer said most of the students who have been working with her on Saturday nights, following Zurx’s regular Voice of Lucifer radio show, are advancing well through the basic techniques of remote viewing. Achieving the protocol is required before students are prepared for advanced training, she said.


Donahue said that by the time students get through the third stage they will have been introduced to PAN and will have the basic tools to see future numbers. He said with hard work and determination, students should be capable of securing the winning numbers for three-digit daily lottery drawings.


He said nobody will get rich with this information, but they may be capable of earning a good living doing it. This will free them from their enslaving corporate jobs and give them free time to seek mental and spiritual attainment.


Donahue said he will be involved in teaching the final stages of PAN. But he warned that nobody is going to get through this class for the wrong reasons.


“We are offering these courses at low prices, but we want only true Luciferians to have this information,” he said. “We are psychics and you cannot fool psychics. If you think you are going to use this information to gain great wealth at our expense, we will find you out.”


Students pay just $6.16 a month for the on-line training.


Donahue said he does not want his students, or the Luciferian movement to use this knowledge to harm the world economic system. Rather, he said, he wants the information to be used to help save the planet and make the world a better place in which to live.


“Everything we do is to save the earth,” he said.


“We also are preparing to call Lucifer.”

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