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Aaron Rocks On Coast To Coast With Art Bell


By James Donahue


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue captured the attention of listeners across the continent early today when he went one-on-one for three hours with the legendary Art Bell on Coast to Coast Radio.


The show was packed with new revelations by Donahue about future events, including his description of the Luciferian spiritual movement that he said is about to sweep the planet, pushing aside the archaic angelic-driven religious systems.


Donahue talked about a time machine that would be built in the United States, and how the plans for this machine have been given to him in alien technology by Lucifer. He said this machine will utilize human DNA within a switching mechanism and give the new government visions of future events and help the world cope with survival on a dying planet.


He spoke of the new man, which will be genetically engineered children designed to be natural prophets and future leaders; of how he has discovered how to use psycho kinesis to create future events, how he is using advanced remote viewing techniques called PAN to skillfully see lottery numbers prior to the daily draw, and why he believes the United States is going to lead the world in a movement toward a one-world order.


Donahue spoke of angelic and demonic possession and how it is affecting the world. He also spoke of prophecies that included terrorist attacks on American soil sometime this year, the onset of the H5N1 virus in the migratory birds in the United States as early as this spring, and the mutation of the virus to become a full-blown pandemic among humans possibly by late 2007 but mostly in 2008.


Donahue said he saw terrible famine and pestilence in Africa.


He fielded questions from listeners during the final hour of the show. Surprisingly, many of the callers were supportive of the Luciferian concept and expressed personal interest in the movement or signing up for the PAN training classes offered by Aaron’s sister, Jennifer Sharpe, on the website


More stories in detail on these and other topics discussed on this groundbreaking radio show will be forthcoming.



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