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Aaron C. Donahue

I certainly do not "stand on the shoulders of giants." I stand on
my own as does anyone living today. The programming that
makes you feel or validate an outside force greater than you is
now being challenged as a world wide paradigm. The reason begins
with the fact that we are as a dying planet. The rules of survival
have been tossed and every known social institution is failing now
as you read this. I have little faith that most people will understand
this let alone realize it as fact. I do wonder about a severe lack of
ecosystem awareness. How can anyone living today not know that we humans are too many and are destroying what little resource we have left. You do not have to be a scientist or genius to know what is so radiantly simple...we have breached the human carrying capacity and are therefore killing the planet. You are going to see each day pass with less quality of life as a whole from now on. The future is grim for our children. How can you justify history? The totality of our folly throughout the past has led us to this hell we are in.

The "ideal" world is void of technology as it is known today. The facts are: 5.3 billion humans will die. There will be enough genetic diversity within the 300,000 survivors to maintain evolutionary custody. We will attempt the transfer of consciousness via an evolved form of liquid chip technology, nano-technological transneurogenetics, etc. A silicone-based body will be preferred over carbon. Saturation of oxygen will be better understood and manipulated as required prior to full transfer, etc. Other physiological requirements will be manipulated as well. Communications will evolve to that breaching six dimensions. Once we facilitate 10 billion neuronet systems (linking dimension five) within one operation pushing the information past 299,792,458 m/s there should be access and transfer. If not, a neuronet matrix can be manufactured and facilitated by a factor of 10 until the desired result is achieved.

The future for now involves integration and unity as one world. I am for a one world order following the wars (soon to happen). There will be one spiritual center that utilizes science. The four "great" religions will die in the future wars and are dying now. All cultures will unite here and are welcome. This cultural diversity will involve the genetic diversity safely guarded per a stronghold of 300,000 viable humans for careful propagation. Those others will understand the importance of maintaining the security of this selected group on a dying planet.

As a remote viewer I am giving you a small glimpse into the future. I understand your fear and disbelief. I understand your denial. Collectively, the human race is undergoing what is typically known as "the seven stages of death." Your denial is one of them. The final step is acceptance.

My credibility as a remote viewer will be seen before some 40 million viewers soon right here on ISO via FOX. There will be much hatred for me after this is aired for obvious reasons. The first is that most people are in the denial stage of planetary death. The second is that I promote the idea that we are alone and must save ourselves. We must work together to do this period. There will be no choice in this matter of survival. The third is that I invite all races, cultures, and sexes to learn remote viewing provided they are of a higher intelligence. The brain-dead zombified masses are frightened by intelligence as they should be. Fear in this case is a means by which they are easily controlled by conditioning. They are first subjected to a "numbed-down" version of a perceived threat such as the apocalypse, or put to sleep with drugs like marijuana. Communism is another good example of a threat to brain-dead capitalists. Once the zombies are collectively aware of this perceived threat via polls, media presentation, etc, a solution is introduced such as altruism (self sacrifice of Jesus, etc.) or an idea, person, or thing is introduced as something greater than the individual perceiving the related threat. I understand the importance of controlling the brain-dead masses in this way although the fear of intelligence can not be easily restrained once it is collectively perceived. A new bone will be tossed to the dog once things heat up. A solution is near.

My advice is acceptance. This will make the transition easier. We are all living now on a dying planet. We are going to die with it as we watch our children suffer the result of our very dark and selfish history. Some of these precious children will survive and I am here to help secure that along with many others who know and understand the truth. We again care little what the brain-dead masses think and never will. They are the living dead to us and are in fact an excellent source of amusement.

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