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Stalin’s Plan For A Genetically Designed Army Of Monsters


By James Donahue

December 2005


Soviet Dictator Josef Stalin was a man living about a century before his time.


Much as Hitler dreamed of building a super race of humans and developing his version of a perfect world, Stalin had similar dreams, according to an article in


Also like Hitler, who used science to develop narcotics to turn normal men into fearless fighters, Stalin turned to science to help him genetically design an army of monster warriors.


Fortunately for the world, however, Stalin’s plan failed because science of that day had not yet probed the genetic structure of both man and beast.


According to this incredible story, Stalin called upon IIya Ivanov, Russia’s top scientist specializing in breeding horses and animals, to cross breed humans with apes to develop a super-warrior on the battlefield. Ivanov had established a reputation after developing the world’s first center for artificial insemination of racehorses.


Stalin, who obviously considered artificial insemination as something akin to cross-breeding species, reportedly told Ivanov he wanted “a new invincible human being, insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent about the quality of food they eat.”


In other words, he wanted a beast of burden with adequate mental faculties to follow orders and think like a soldier in the battlefield but not have the wants and needs of a human. It would be an expendable creature designed to fight and perish, no questions asked.


The Politburo even went so far as to order the Academy of Science to build a “living war machine,” an obvious reference to Stalin’s concept of an ape-man soldier.


The Soviet Union under Stalin also was in desperate need of a new labor force that would assist in a program of fast-track industrialization. Such super creatures also could be a solution to filling a large work force.


Thus it was that Ivanov was granted $200,000 and dispatched to West Africa to begin experimenting with cross breeding humans and chimpanzees. Stalin also opened a special center in Georgia for this new breed of ape-humans to be raised.


Obviously the project was a total failure. The monkey sperm injected in human volunteers failed to produce the monster children Stalin hoped for.


Ivanov fell into disgrace. For his failure, he was sentenced to exile in the Central Asian republic of Kazakhstan, where he died.


Is the story true? There has been so much "creative" story telling lately from that corner of the world, it is hard to say. All we know is that it makes a good yarn.


Had Stalin lived in contemporary times, the concept of crossing ape and human genes to create a monster would have been very possible. In fact, that kind of experimentation is one of the ethical issues causing nightmares for lawmakers around the world.


The issue today isn’t whether such a thing is possible, it is whether governments can prevent it from happening. 



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