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Aaron: Soon Everyone Must Choose


By James Donahue

Nov. 28, 2005


Luciferian spokesman Aaron C. Donahue told his Internet radio listening audience Sunday that the time is fast approaching when every man, woman and child must choose concerning contact with Lucifer.


Donahue said Lucifer is the progenitor of the human race, but mankind has forgotten this. Lucifer made a covenant with the humans . . . a promise that we would maintain a balance and take care of the garden. But we broke the covenant.


Now Lucifer is returning and humans must prepare to face him, or turn away.


“He is not going to like what he sees,” Donahue said. “We will be lucky if any one of us makes it through to permanency.”


Donahue said he is a Luciferian and he is not ashamed to tell it to the world. He knows that he has paid a severe price for declaring his alliance because the angelic driven religious systems do not want the people to hear this news. These systems all teach the name of Lucifer, but they perceive him to be a fallen angel now ruling the Earth as the evil one, Satan, or the Devil.


Consequently religious followers are brainwashed to fear Lucifer. They also are possessed by angels that control their thinking.   


The angels have gone to great lengths to shut the message of Lucifer from public media.


It is through the Internet that Donahue has found his audience. That audience is a growing number of listeners from all over the world. Most are youth, some still in high school. But they are keenly interested in what Aaron has to say. They return every Sunday and hang on his every word.


Donahue said the day is soon coming when everyone must choose. No one can sit on the fence when it comes to Lucifer.

“The pendulum is swinging and you know where it drops the lowest. It is in the middle of the swing. Those that are caught sitting on the fence are going to be smashed,” he said.


Donahue said now that the planet is dying, he is working hard to do everything possible to save the soul that we all share. That means gathering a remnant of the human race . . . enough to maintain our genetic diversity, to meet Lucifer when he arrives. Failure will mean total extinction for all humans and the loss of the soul once we all are gone.


We will be asking Lucifer to use whatever technology he has to save this remnant before we all go extinct.


Donahue said the resistance by the world has been strong and there have been days when he thinks of giving up on humanity. “But then I look at the children and I can’t stand to leave them. They are innocent and they do not deserve that is about to happen to them,” he said.

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