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Did Sergeant Estep Choose His Time Of Death?


By James Donahue

Nov. 20, 2005


Among the thousands of American soldiers killed in Iraq is Army Staff Sgt. James Estep. Estep was killed last week by a roadside bomb in Taji.


The strange thing about Estep’s death is that is was predicted by a psychic some years earlier, and the prediction accepted by Estep with an almost brutal sense of submission . . . as if he could do nothing to alter his fate.


His stepfather, Richard Hayton, said it was as if he had a premonition.


Before he left for Iraq Estep refused to have a family portrait taken and said it was bad luck. He also made funeral plans and made special visits to family members, saying goodbye.


His wife, Kelly, said Estep possessed a strong foreboding before he left. “I had a weird feeling that he knew,” she said.


 As Kelly tells the story, Estep once called a television psychic who predicted he would marry twice, divorce once and die before his 27th birthday. It all turned out to be true. Estep married once before he married Kelly. He turned 26 in March.


While military personnel sometimes cannot alter their situations and can be ordered into aircraft that crash, or into a battlefield where they die, Psychic Aaron C. Donahue maintains that everybody chooses their date with death.


Donahue has a favorite saying: “Every death is a suicide.”


He says everybody has a link to the collective subconscious collection of information and is aware, at least on a subconscious level, of when and how he or she is going to die.


The trick is bringing this information up into our consciousness so we can “dodge the bullet.”


For example, if Sgt. Estep foresaw his death, he needed to acquire more detailed information so that he knew where not to be at that particular moment.


He was one of four soldiers fatally wounded Nov. 15 when a bomb exploded near their passing Humvee. All it would have taken was to take a different route, or perhaps just delay the trip so that another vehicle took the blast.


While he is a natural psychic and prophet, Donahue also is a trained remote viewer. He has developed his remote viewing skills to a higher level that he calls the acquisition and practical application of non-historical data, or PAN.


Donahue says anybody can learn the basics of remote viewing and those willing to work at it can advance their skills to learn PAN. Classes in remote viewing and PAN will be offered soon on a new website being developed by Donahue’s sister, Jennifer L. Sharpe.


PAN is a tool that people can use to not only see future lottery numbers, but they can view the time and place of their death. Once this information is known, the student will know how to avoid it.

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