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Coast to Coast Re-broadcasting Aaron’s 2004 Show Sunday


By James Donahue

July 8, 2005


Coast to Coast is featuring the February 15, 2004 appearance by psychic Aaron C. Donahue made with host Art Bell this Sunday night as one of the show’s “classic” broadcasts.


Since Donahue launched his own Internet Voice of Lucifer radio show, which now is in its fifth consecutive month, he is being picked up by stations all over the world and his listener numbers are rapidly growing. 


Donahue also has been receiving invitations to appear in various television shows.


This Sunday night will be a good opportunity for listeners to review Aaron’s only encounter with master interviewer Bell to date, and check off how many of the predictions made in that broadcast have since come to pass.


--He predicted that George W. Bush would be re-elected. This was in February, eight months before the presidential election. This was a time when other prominent psychics were putting their odds on Democratic candidate John Kerry. Bush won by a very narrow margin.


--Donahue said that between 2004 and 2008 it would be confirmed that the world has reached peak oil production. The very next month after he said it, a report by the National Energy Technology Laboratory, on behalf of the U. S. Department of Energy, warned that the peak production of the world’s oil is looming. Since then a number of specialists in the field have argued whether peak oil has already been reached, or if we have a year or two left.


--He said the Mars Rover program is a waste of money because Mars is a dead planet. It never had the right conditions to spark life. He predicted, however, that scientists will discover pre-biotic chemistry on Mars that will help them better understand how life began on Earth. Since that show, numerous papers have appeared in scientific journals suggesting that pre-biotic chemistry will be found on Mars. NASA to date remains silent on this matter.


--Donahue predicted that global warming is causing major weather changes, and that Northern Europe would freeze over because of a slowing of currents in the North Atlantic. Extreme weather is indeed occurring, many areas are experiencing unnatural drought, and some scientists are worried because the Atlantic Gulf Stream is slowing down. They warn that this could mean extremely cold temperatures ahead for Northern Europe.


--He said the Earth began to die in about 1985, and that humans will go extinct on this planet in about 300 years or less. Overpopulation and industrialization is the core of the problem. He said computers will be developed where people can transfer their consciousness to escape death. The computers will be self replicating and linked together like a matrix. This year scientists at Duke University said they are working on an ultimate computer that utilizes DNA molecules instead of microchips to transfer information. The computer will be called the oracle because it will contain all of the information known to man and may be capable of out-thinking humans.


Donahue made several other predictions in that show that he has never changed. They are still among the warnings he is issuing for the future. They include:


--The major threat to the US is not terrorism. It is the lack of cheap oil. He predicts a looming energy crisis that will escalate into a war between the US and China plus other nations of the world. There will be a nuclear exchange before this war ends and China will win.


--Lucifer is an alien and the father of the human race. Angels are the enemies of man. They created religion to impede the spiritual evolutionary progress of humans. The Bible is an angelic inspired deception.


--There is no Planet X.


--In an effort to extend the life of the planet, once political leaders are convinced that the Earth is dying, a one-world government will be established. It will be socialistic with a spiritual nature. Democracy and religions will die. All humans will be required to be implanted with an electronic identification device that further serves to unite all people under a one world government that allocates dwindling natural resources.


Aaron’s Sunday Internet radio show goes on the air at 3 p.m. Pacific and 6 p.m. Eastern Time. All shows are archived for free download at a later time. Go to to listen.


For the Coast-to-Coast link, click here.


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