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Donahue's Gaap

Gaap; A Familiar Spirit

Portrayed as an advisor to kings, and a magician with the power to make men knowledgeable in science and philosophy, the spirit Gaap is more than this to contemporary magickian and remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue.


Donahue's summoning of this ancient power, and his remote viewing session, was a time of pleasant discovery and recollection. He said it was Gaap who was his personal teacher when he was a child.


Aaron often speaks of a time when he was carried off by what he described as an old monk in a brown robe, to view future events, or "signposts" in his life.


Aaron believes this being to be a woman, who had skin that seemed ancient because it was brown and coarse as if she had spent years in the sun. I believe she taught sciences and gave him wisdom beyond his years. He said these events happened in the night, and they almost seemed like dreams. Except many of the events and signposts showed by this woman have already come true, just as she said they would.


The moment Gaap appeared to him in the temple, an abandoned Masonic hall that also was a signpost shown to him as a child, Aaron recognized her as his old teacher.


Donahue's portrayal of Gaap leaves more mystery than it provides answers. All I can say at this point, is that this powerful spirit, thought to be among the most influential among the seventy-two Goetian powers, has been playing an important role in Donahue's life, and obviously the lives of our family for many years.


Proof of this can be found on Aaron's web site site at There you will find a copy of a grade school crayon drawing of his family, which clearly shows a brown robed person standing beside Aaron the child, and talking into his right ear.


Notice the clothing Aaron placed on himself in this picture. He seems to be wearing the robe and collar of a priest, and in his hands, he holds two upside-down crosses. That is pretty heavy art work for a little boy in grade school.


Also notice in Aaron's drawing the brown robbed being. It is holding a four-cornered object in its hands.


Aaron said that while in Stage Seven, the auditory level of his remote viewing session, he heard four voices coming from the object, although all of the voices were heard as a single tone.


Gaap is the thirty-third Spirit listed in the Goetia, thus its numeric number is 3 plus 3 equals 6. Gap is said to rule over sixty-six legions of spirits.


A revision of the ancient writings by Linda Gail Walters in an Internet page titled "Goetic Spirits" states that Gaap's office is "to make men insensible or ignorant. But he can also make one knowledgeable in philosophy and liberal sciences."


Walters, who draws her information from the writings of the old magickians, states that Gaap has a variety of other talents, and can "answer truly and perfectly of things past, present and to come. He can carry and re-carry men very speedily from one kingdom to another at the will and pleasure of the exorcist."




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