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Donahue's Botis

Solving World Conflicts At Battle


Botis, the seventeenth spirit, is a true warrior. With his power over 60 legions of demons, he has the ability to solve world conflicts through warfare.


This is a truly dangerous character. He has the power of telling future events, past and relevant present time events. It is said that the reconciliation of an enemy can be assured once it is commanded by Botis.


Donahue wrote: “There was a somewhat personal experience to report during my encounter with this spirit. During the evocation I noticed a peculiar noise rendered to me in the form of an auditory hallucination. Nothing was seen until the remote viewing session began although I did ‘hear’ what seemed like two blades of steel scraping against each other as if to sharpen the edge. . .


“As I went deeper into this remote viewing session, I sensed the power of the demon as if it were physically standing directly behind me. I experienced a radiating cold, as if a giant block of ice was pushed within inches of my back.”


Botis first appeared to Donahue as “a large serpent near the ceiling winding slowly to the floor where it divided into two parts. Between these two serpentine parts, a human like face appeared of which two darkened holes appeared upon each side of the forehead. The serpents became a human like body and then reappeared as horns winding out from the darkened temple region holes.


“As the drawing progressed, the strange metallic scraping noise was once again heard and it is done . . . as if to mock or distract me from my work.


“As the drawings fly off the pen, the demon changes form yet again. Botis opens its jaw revealing a cave with large sharp swords hanging above and falling to the floor blocking any way out. The feeling here is one of entrapment and isolation associated with extreme panic.


“The sensation was as if I were standing in a massive cave, with the swords hanging like stalactites and thrusting up like stalagmites from above and below. The ancients saw these things as sharp teeth in the monster's massive open mouth.


“Finally, two bright white swords rise from the groin of the beast, while below them, three twin serpents wind upon white golden rods.”


After such an elegant entrance, Botis then stood, showing all of the elegance of a mighty king, until his portrait was, in a sense, completed.


If you search the Goetia, you will find Botis described as a viper, but upon request, will take on human form with great teeth and two horns. He also carries a sword.


That isn't a bad description considering the ancients didn't have the talents of a remote viewer. That means that they actually looked upon Botis and lived to tell about it.


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Botis Sigil

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