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Donahue's Zepar

Zepar’s Sensual Red Armor


Zepar is the sixteenth spirit and is said to make women attractive to men. His long neck and head, covered in bright red armor, is strangely mindful of a phallus, while the elongated slit, the only clear definition of an orifice in what should be the face, reminds us of a woman's vulva.


And if these suggestions are not enough, examine Zepar's sigil. It is clearly the image of male testicles. This demon has sex written all over him.


Johann Wier said of this demon: "Zepar is a great duke, appearing as a souldier, inflaming women with the loove of men, and when he is bidden he changeth their shape, untill they maie enjoie their beloved."


Male readers might think Zepar doesn't sound like too bad a fellow, but they must understand just what this demon is all about. He has no love for humans.


Another witness of this ancient spirit, Seagate Adventurers' Guild Beastiary, describes him as a slight warrior with a clubfoot, dressed all in red armor. "He is of a dark mien and speaks in a grating voice filled with contempt for all who inhabit his plane."


Zepar is a magickian, skilled in the art of illusion. He is talented in alchemy, is a military scientist, spy, troubadour, merchant and an assassin. "He is able to cause women to fall in love with men and so allow themselves to be seduced. His touch, however, makes women barren."


Seagate also notes that Zepar "may carry a variety of weapons, but all will be smeared with foul venom which inflicts horrible scarring injuries that may only be cured by magic."


You can be assured that even though this demon causes some form of sexual union between men and women, no good will ever come of it.


During the evocation, I sensed a strange relation to Gamori, the demon of perverted love, or prostitution.


Notice the faint image of an upside down cross either attached or hanging on the front of Zepar. The image may be made of gold since its reflection makes it difficult for the viewer to see.


Zepar's rank is Grand Duke. He is said to govern twenty-six legions of "inferior spirits."




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