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The Mythology Behind The Lucifer Story


By James Donahue


A reader recently challenged the validity of the name Lucifer as the true name of the alien entity that brought his DNA to Earth and started the human race.


Kenneth Webber notes that the name “Lucifer” has its origins in ancient mythology, passed down by the Greeks and originating even before that with the Canaanites.


In a copyright paper, Webber points to a Canaanite story about Shaher, the son of the Sun, called Elyon, and Hel-el, the “abyss of nothingness.” Shaher is representative of the morning star, or the planet Venus. In the story, Elyon was filled with pride, and lusting after his father’s power. For punishment, Elyon was hurled into the abyss of Hel-el’s womb, along with all of the other stars. This act fertilized the womb which resulted in the birth of a new day.


There is much more to the story, but I have given you enough that you can draw some interesting parallels to other mythological stories from the ancient past. Notice the similarity between Hel-el and the word Hell. And that the son was thrown into the pit of Hel-el as punishment. Also notice that Elyon, or the Sun God, is a word that is very similar to the Hebrew names El and Elohim, representing the multiple gods involved in creation.


It is Webber’s belief that we are incorrect to use the name Lucifer to identify a fallen angel, or even a visiting alien that visited the Earth.


He is correct when he argues that the name Lucifer is a Latin word that means a morning star, or Venus. The name Lucifer appears only once in the Bible, and that is in a passage in Isaiah: “How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning.”


Bible scholars are in agreement that this passage does not justify the Christian belief that Lucifer is a name for a fallen archangel who rebelled against God in Heaven and was cast down to Earth to become Satan, or the Devil. In fact, it is commonly accepted that Isaiah was writing about Nebuchadnezzar, an ancient king of Babylon, who fell after exalting himself to the level of God.


St. Jerome and the early Christian scribes, when interpreting the Old Testament text from Hebrew writings, obviously used the Latin word Lucifer to suggest that Nebuchadnezzar saw himself as a “god of light” or a morning star.


Webber believes Isaiah plagiarized the old Canaanite story, adapting it to fit his own story. Thus Elyon became El, one of the many Hebrew gods, Hel-el became Hell, and Shaher, or light-bringer, when translated into Latin, becomes Lucifer.


It is interesting to note that both Socrates and Plato wrote about a “god of light” but presented him in a story of Helios, the sun god.


Aaron C. Donahue, the man who coined the concept of Luciferianism as a new order, does not disagree with Webber. In fact Aaron has stated many times that the Lucifer is not the real name of this alien. His correct name, Donahue said, sounds to us like a beautiful song. The name can be found in tones sounded by each of the 72 Spirits of the Goetia.


Because we are not magickians with the ability or the knowledge to evoke all of the Goetia Spirits and assemble the tones in the correct form, the name Lucifer is an adequate substitute for now.


Another thought is that the ancient stories Epic of Gilgamesh and Book of Enoch both contain stories about gods that come down out of the sky and teach humans, thus bringing them out of caves and creating civilization. These stories originated in Mesopotamia, and may date to the time of the Canaanites. Thus the Canaanite story of Shaher appears to be remarkably appropriate as an origin of the Luciferian myth.  


The bottom line is that Lucifer is not Satan. Nor is he a fallen angel. Yet there is important symbolism in that the name selected for this important entity is Venus, a hot dead planet that once was considered Earth’s twin in this solar system.


The word burns in our subconscious as a warning that what we have done to our environment now threatens to turn Earth into an exact twin to Venus. Earth will soon be just another hot dead ball spinning around this sun.  

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