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Aaron Says Pope Dying, Bush Is Possessed


By James Donahue


In a startling and unexpected posting on his blog page, psychic remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue on Aug. 18 predicted the looming death of the Pope and said President George W. Bush is possessed.


Donahue also renewed his earlier forecasts that Bush would be re-elected to a second term, that Saddam (Mabus) Hussein would die, and that the United States and China will soon be locked in a great war which China will win.


He also responded to what he said were incorrect predictions by remote viewing instructor Maj. Ed Dames and psychic Sylvia Browne during recent appearances on the Coast-to-Coast night radio talk show.


Donahue opened his remarks with a suggestion that something has changed and that his postings will be continued now “on a more regular basis.” He did not explain. Donahue has remained relatively silent for about a year, with very few postings on either his web site at or his blog page, which can be linked from his site.


He first gives a brief list of warnings. They are:


--“The spiritual possession of President Bush is recognized. Many Christians will unknowingly energize it with prayer.”


--Pope John Paul II “now approaches the abyss.” He is near death. Donahue says his replacement will be the “last pope.”


--President Bush will be re-elected in 2004.


--“The United States of America will be destroyed by China in a war that is now being prepared.”


--And finally, “Mabus (Saddam) will die as foretold by Nostradamus.”

Aaron then proceeds to attack predictions by both Browne and Dames that he said were incorrect and misleading. He suggested that Browne was inspired by angelic energies and her statements were designed to mislead people into thinking that all is well.


Browne, who appeared on July 22, told millions of listeners that the earth was not dying, but that it would take revenge for the environmental damage caused by an overpopulated civilization.


Donahue responded with: “any person who tells you that our planet cannot die is not a scientist. Our planet is quickly dying. . . One of the many symptoms of our dying planet will be that man suffers radical climate changes.”


He warns that denial is “one of the most common psychological phases of an observed process concerning death. When faced with the incomprehensible idea of human extinction and a planet stripped of so much as the required pre-biotic chemistry for re-genesis, I suspect that many creative forms of denial will become manifest before the majority of people actually look into a possible solution.


“We are, in a way, cursed with the social condition, meaning, that without a majority of people quickly recognizing and thereby accepting the problem, there can be no hope of a solution. We have a limited time for solutions,” Donahue warns.


He said he believes that without doing something radical now, the process of global warming will turn into a run-away heating that soon makes it impossible for life to exist on this planet.


Donahue notes that Browne is a real natural psychic “although I feel she is unclean of the angelic influence in her work. The spiritual eye is an autonomous eye. It is our own and not to be influenced outside of our total awareness.”

He next turns to what he calls “the phantom doomies of Dr. Doom.” Dr. Doom is a nick name radio host Art Bell gave to Dames because of his many frightening predictions. Aaron strikes at a list of the Dames predictions, claiming they are all wrong.


They include:


--Alien crop circles are markings for sanctuaries, where people can find safety during the looming upheaval of the planet. “The entire earth is our sanctuary,” wrote Aaron. “I do not believe that we should seek sanctuary in caves, crop circles, basements or lava tubes. You might know that Ed does not live in a crop circle.”

--A sudden pole shift. “The earth’s magnetic poles do in fact shift although this cyclical process occurs over a period of several thousand years allowing for adaptation. There is no immediate threat to human life due to the ongoing natural geomagnetic polarity changes.”


--Lucifer and Satan are not the same, and Dames, who claims to have remote viewed Lucifer, does not understand the reality of our progenitor.


“Lucifer cannot be easily remote viewed and spiritual intervention amongst those who try is common. There is no way for the viewer to become aware of this intervention unless highly experienced within some of the more dangerous realms of the occult arts. As a professed Christian, it is unlikely that Ed is qualified to reach any of the information systems associated with Lucifer without being spiritually manipulated."


Aaron added a hint of mystery at this point. He wrote: “Once a viewer finds a doorway into the reality of Lucifer, it will inevitably reveal the way out. There is a way in beyond this paradox and I have found it.”


“I am not a Christian,” Aaron wrote.


He concluded his remarks by making it clear that his work “should never be confused with that of the supposed remote viewing ‘team’ of Ed Dames.”


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