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When I see a political phenomenon like the one raging a year or two ago in and around Austria. . . the world reaction to the free election of so-
called "fascist" government leaders. . . I usually start looking for the real story. I never take what the media spoon-feeds us without testing the porridge a little.

According to news reports, members of the Freedom Party, considered led by "far-right" Nazi sympathizer Joerg Haider, were elected to office. They joined the Austrian conservatives in forming a new government. We have heard little about the situation there since, however.

For a while, the election caused alarm bells to go off all over the world. Israel led the attack and the United States was quick to jump in the soup. Within days nearly all of the countries participating with Austria in the new European Common Market were voicing alarm and criticism. There was so much trouble, by the end of February, Haider resigned as party leader in hopes of making peace.

The cry went out that Austria, the little country where Hitler was born, was about to launch a new wave of fascism across Europe. Nobody seemed to care that the Freedom Party government members were picked by voters in a democratically free election. Voices from around the world were crying out that they should not be allowed to rule that country.

So what is wrong with this picture?

Haider's mistake was that he made some public statements that were vaguely supportive of the Nazi movement.

And just what did Haider say that caused such turmoil? At certain times in his career, he praised the employment policies of Nazi Germany, described the German concentration camps as "punishment camps," said the Nazi SS was a part of the German army which should be honored, and he compared the deportation of Jews by the Nazis to the expulsion of Sudeten Germans from Czechoslovakia after World War II.

Were these statements supportive of Hitler and the Nazi movement? Remember that they were all said at different times, in different settings, and the statements are taken out of context, certainly by me, for the purpose of simplification.

Before going on I am going to make a statement about public belief systems. I have said this before and I am saying it again. If there is anything that I have learned in my years of reporting and study, it is that the smarter I get, the less I know. Everything we think we know is probably a lie. We are collectively trapped in a political and religious belief system that is not of our making.

The world portrays Adolf Hitler as the most evil person who ever lived. Some have compared him to the antichrist. Current history paints no good image of this man. But is this reality?

To be fair, we must remember that Hitler was a very popular leader among the German people before the war. He rose to power during a period of deep financial crisis, when the entire world was suffering from the Great Depression. Hitler brought stabilization to the nation's failing economy, created jobs, regenerated national pride after Germany was defeated in the Great War, and he developed social programs that people liked.

Hitler also was a genius in that he was able, in such a short time, to turn a defeated people into a war engine, the likes of which the world has never seen. He brought together a team of scientists who helped develop technologies that still influence the way we live. The popular Volkswagen "bug" was designed and produced on his order because he wanted Germany to have a car for the common man. He was a dynamic public speaker who excited the imagination of all who listened.

I personally live among German people in the United States who are descendants and possibly directly related to the citizens who rallied behind Adolf Hitler during the 1930s. They are not monsters, nor do I believe the people who elected Hitler to power any more evil. In his day, Hitler earned the right to be a national leader.

And there was something else about Hitler that I believe was virtuous, although I think most of the propaganda-fed and "socially correct" people who read this will disagree with me. He recognized a need for the purification of the human race. He knew, as I know, that the original and pure people placed here to develop a super race were white skinned and Caucasian. The dark-skinned people are and always have been genetically impure. Their origins are from another alien life form known as the Annuaki that invaded our world. They brought forth the Nubians who raided Egypt at the time of the great Egyptian dynasties.

The Jews also are descendants of Annuaki. Their race never was pure. Among the great lies is that the Jews are a "chosen people." Looking at the picture from this perspective explains why Israel was among the first and most outspoken nations to attack Haider and the election of the Freedom Party members to Austrian political office. The Annuaki are deathly afraid of anyone who recognizes them for what they are.

What Hitler and the Nazi party were trying to do, in their own crude way, was destroy the human impurities and get things back on track. They wanted to drive the Annuaki from the face of this planet. That is why the Nazis were interested in the pure white race.

What Hitler and his followers didn't realize was that even though they were Caucasian, their seed was still imperfect. Even if they had succeeded in wiping out the other world races, which was a pretty radical concept, the Nazis would have failed. The search for the proper match with the genetic strain of Lilith probably wasn't even in his head. But that is another story.

Hitler came very close to taking over the world. His downfall was drugs. He began sampling a special drug developed by German scientists to give his army a "superior edge" in the battlefield. That drug was the popular but now very illegal amphetamine.

Amphetamine alone probably would not have stopped Hitler. But the man began mixing this drug with heroin. The combination drove him insane. After a while he lost his ability to be rational about the decisions he made. He consequently made deadly mistakes. They cost Germany the war and cost Hitler his life.

Instead of liberating the human race from the vile infection that has kept it bound for so long, Hitler failed. He consequently went down in the books as a demon-possessed character that never should have lived.

Someday the record will be set straight.

In the meantime, do not judge Joerg Haider harshly. He might just know something the rest of the world is programmed not to see or understand.

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