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King Solomon And The Goetia Demons


Not long ago I wrote about Aaron C. Donahue's work in releasing the 72 Goetia spirits, the kings and rulers of hordes of spiritual demonic forces that I said were "bound through the magick of Solomon" for the past 4,000 years.


Not only did I tell this story, I published stories about each of the spirits, along with Aarons remote viewed drawing of what they looked like, plus a picture of the sigel used by the magickians of old to summon each of the demons. These stories can still be found on my web site as well as on Aaron C. Donahue's site at


The story was that King Solomon of Old Testament fame bound these demonic kings after using them to gain his great wisdom and wealth, and that Aaron released them from this bondage.


But until recently, I never understood exactly how these spirits, who were no different from the angelic energies that bind the human race today, could be kept bound for so long by a long dead king that some historians now question even existed.


Also confusing to me were the stories by contemporary practitioners of the black arts that they have raised particular demons to assist them in acquiring wealth, take revenge, or resolve some other issue of personal interest. If the demons were chained, how could they be summoned? And how could they be active at someone's beaconing call?


Each demon, or spirit, I am told, commands legions of lesser demons. A legion is an untold but large number of warriors waiting to serve at their leader's call. Each spirit has a special talent. All are aliens who probably come to our planet by holographic projection from other worlds.


Most interesting of all, the demons are at war with the angelic forces that presently rule the people of Earth.


So who was Solomon, how did he gain power over these demonic kings, what did he use them for, and how did he bind them when he was through with them?


These are all questions that needed to be answered. Especially since archaeologists are saying they can find no evidence in their research in and around Jerusalem that King Solomon or that majestic first golden temple he was supposed to have erected with demonic help ever existed.


Donahue, a powerful magickian, psychic and highly skilled remote viewer who has advanced the science of his art to a level he calls the Practical Application of Non-Historical Data or PAN, says the stories are all wrong.


Donahue says Solomon existed and Solomon was a powerful magickian in his day who possessed great knowledge, especially of the occult. But Solomon was never a great Hebrew king. As the stories were passed down they became embellished by the Jews until Solomon became a larger-than-life figure.


Aaron said there is evidence of Solomon's work that has survived the careful erasure of the ancient books by the Roman Catholic Church. S. L. Macgregor Mathers, Ninteenth Century occultist and one of the major figures in founding The Order Of The Golden Dawn, traced the magician back 700 years by way of the mystical Necronomicon of Alhazred, also known as the Book of the Dead. That book has since been destroyed.


He said it has been a common practice of the church to wipe out all traces of people or events that alter the "Jesus" story in historical record. The lying ancient Hebrew stories of the great King Solomon were embellished and recorded as fact, thus intensifying the claim by the Jews that they were a chosen people, blessed by God. This has always been a lie.


Solomon was a powerful magickian who probably raised and used the demonic forces for his own ends. There is an old story that Solomon bound the demons. It comes from the Testament of Truth in the Nag Hammadi Codex. The story here is that David and his son, Solomon conceived through adultery, used the power of the demons to lay the foundation of Jerusalem then imprisoned the demons in the temple.


He placed them into seven waterpots. They remained a long time in the waterpots, abandoned there. When the Romans went up to Jerusalem, they discovered the waterports, and immediately the demons ran out. . .


Even the original story fails to back up the legend of the bound demonic kings. Yet it persisted. So what is the truth? How did the angels take control of humans on the Earth since the days of Solomon?


Donahue says it was man's choice to take the path of angelic summoning. The demonic forces were always here. We just believed the angelic story that demons were evil and we learned to mentally shut the demons out of our lives and our thoughts. We were programmed not to allow demons into our consciousness. At the same time, believing that the angels were God's messengers, we invited them in. We let them possess us, but rejected demonic possession.


It was in this way that the angels and mankind worked together to bind the demons, making it impossible for them to produce the balance that has been so badly needed in the world.


Aaron Donahue is working to put the demons back into human consciousness. He is doing it through the use of the Internet. By placing his drawings, the stories and the sigels of each of the 72 Goetia Spirits on his web site as well as mine, we are getting thousands of people to look at the pictures, read the stories, and become aware of these spirits every day. They are slowly returning to our consciousness.


When 100 people or more make an observation of the same thing at the same time, that vision or piece of information is permanently placed in the collective consciousness of all humans.


The demonic forces are back in the world. They are slowly taking over bodies, learning to use them again after so many years. They are growing in strength each day.


"I am trying to create a balance," Donahue said. "I have introduced demonic energies into human consciousness."


Have the demons arrived on time to stop the Christian/angelic take-over of the government of the United States? This remains to be seen.  

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