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Does Lucifer Have a Counterpart?


By James Donahue


There seems to be an unwritten rule throughout the universe; all things are balanced. If there is a Yin there also must be a Yang. Light exists if there also is darkness. Right is the opposite of wrong. Good is the opposite of bad.


In my examination of demons and angels, I find they are all alike except for one point. From the human perspective, the angels are opposing and manipulating us by tricking us into worshiping them. Demons, who support the Earth and in that peculiar way could be a help to mankind, are at war with the angels. Thus they too are balanced when it comes to their dealings with each other and with mankind.


When Aaron recently appeared with Art Bell on the Coast to Coast radio talk show, he implied that both demons and angels were placed on Earth with us to impede our path. By creating obstacles and conflict they cause us to think and reason to find resolution. In this interesting way, they force humans to develop and use more and more of our brains.


Lucifer's goal at the time of creation was to give primates the tools to evolve into super beings. By learning to use those magnificent bicameral brains we would eventually discover and open our third eye and gaze upon the entire universe that exists beyond the veil. We would know and communicate with one another telepathically. We also would communicate with the other creatures of the universe; not only the aliens swirling in the astral around us, but with the animals that come from the Mother Earth.


We are, in a sense, both spawns of the Mother Earth and Lucifer. As Aaron explains it, Lucifer is our father in that he planted his DNA in us when we were but apes. The Earth is our mother. It is from her that our bodies evolved.


It is because we sprang from the Earth that we cannot leave it. Our adventures in space already have proven this. The other planets in our solar system are not designed to support three dimensional life as we know it. And we also know that humans cannot reproduce without the gravitational pull of the Mother under our feet.


In the interview with Art Bell, Donahue said that even though Lucifer, who is higher than the angels, provided for us to mentally develop with the help of the angels and the demons, "something went wrong. We must now remove the angels and accept the demonic realm. We must disrupt the balance. It is the only choice we have to save a future."


Radio interviews flow at the direction of the moderator and my next logical question following a statement like that did not get asked. Thus I had to wait until I next had a chance to talk with Aaron and explore this issue more carefully.


I guessed correctly that humans organized religions that set them on a course of angel worship, which was never supposed to happen. But my question beyond that was why did this happen? Also, if there is a balance to all things in the universe, and Lucifer is a super being that is higher than the angels and a gateway to the highest information system, or God, then Lucifer must have a counterpart. Who or what is this counterpart. And was it involved in creating the current human condition?


Indeed, Aaron said, Lucifer has a counterpart. While he would not disclose its name, he disclosed that this powerful being was the creator of the great spiritual leaders who came to Earth from time to time. These included the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Krishna, and Mohammad. Each of these supermen came with magical powers, abilities to heal, and great knowledge that turned them into walking gods among the human masses.


Their arrivals brought about the four great religions of the world. These religions have been at war with one another and keeping mankind in their grip for thousands of years. It was because of their influence that humans failed to evolve. Instead of seeing the god within ourselves, we worship the external god that we think exists somewhere else.


"Lucifer has a counterpart all right," Donahue said. "It created these beings. They were the enemy of man masquerading around as our saviors. It was brilliant."


Aaron said the human race fell for the trick. "We were given the freedom of choice and it was our choice to take the wrong path," he said. "We cant blame the angels or the demons for what has happened. We must blame ourselves."

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