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Eternal Conflict

Why Are There Angels And Demons?


Being involved with Aaron C. Donahue and his doctrine of Luciferianism has brought me down a strange and confusing path where it is sometimes difficult to determine right from wrong; good from evil.


According to Aaron, the human race has been fooled and misdirected for the past 4000 years or more by an angelic realm that has been working to lead us into self destruction. Yet all this time, people have regarded angels as good things, spiritual ambassadors sent by God if you will, to help guide everybody through life and then carry them on up into Heaven when they die.


All of this time, Aaron says the demons have been regarded as evil. The church teaches that they are fallen angels, who, like Lucifer, were tossed by an angry God out of Heaven. Their purpose, the Christians say, seems to have been to tempt us to do wrong things. The ultimate revenge by Lucifer, also called Satan, and his demonic realm, has been to steal our soul so that we spend an eternity in a terrible fiery place called hell.


But Aaron, who claims to be a spokesman for Lucifer, says this is all backwards. He teaches that Lucifer is the progenitor of the human race and that we all carry within us a single soul. That is the soul or light of Lucifer. Our purpose, Aaron says, was to be information systems that evolve into a state of godhood.


Our job was to take care of the garden, which was the Planet Earth in its original perfect state, and to grow both mentally and in numbers to a population of 10 billion people. Once we hit this number, and with everybody operating at full brain capacity, we would have 10 billion brains all matching resonance. This, Aaron says, was to have been our Nexus; our next step up an evolutionary ladder.


At that point, we were to have been able to reach not only toward the information system that we identify as Lucifer, our creator, but perhaps even higher toward the ultimate energy that we call God. Lucifer is the gate.


Even though he created us by implanting his DNA into the bodies of Earthly primates, Lucifer is not God, Aaron says. Lucifer is not an angel, nor is he a demon. He is a higher energy state that is quite alien.


So if this story is to be believed, who are the angels and demons, why are they at odds with one another, and why is there so much confusion as to what is good and what is bad?


According to Aaron, angels and demons are all aliens. They are all the same. They battle each other because there is a need for balance. It is the age-old principle of Yin and Yang. Neither side is really good, or evil. They are just two sides of an issue. Their presence brings balance and order to things.


Aaron has often said that the purpose of Lucifer is to impede mans path and thus create puzzles that force him to develop his bicameral brain. We might say that the angels and demons are helpers who do this work for Lucifer. Thus we have continual conflicts and problems as we make our way through life. The complexities of thought get even more difficult when we enter the world of the esoteric.


But something has gone wrong. The humans failed to evolve, not just once, but four consecutive times. Donahue said we were given the freedom of choice and each time we tried, our choice was to take the wrong path. On three previous occasions Lucifer sent help and moved a remnant of mankind into the future where humans were given a reseeded planet and a chance to start over.


Now the fourth world is ruined. We failed once again. What is happening?


The angelic forces seem to have discovered a formula that works every time. They win the hearts of minds of the masses through the creation of great religious systems. Through the religious beliefs humans worship the angel and shun the demon. The teachings are that demonic possession is evil. When it happens we go to great lengths to exorcise the spirit from the body. Yet we encourage the angels to enter us daily in our prayers.


This is what happens every time a person asks Jesus to come into his heart. He becomes possessed by an angel.


Donahue says the angels hate humans because we were made in the image of Lucifer and we all have the soul and light of Lucifer in us. If we had remained on the path humans would have evolved to possess all of the power and the abilities that were known to Christ, Mohammad, Krishna and Buddha.


Instead of using only 13 percent of our brains, we would have learned to use all of our brains. We could then have seen beyond the veil and recognized all of the wonders of the universe, instead of sharing a tunnel reality.


We allowed the angels to cloud our minds so that we never discovered who we are.


There is a way of escape but it is severe. Donahue says: "We must now remove the angels and accept the demonic realm. We must disrupt the balance. It will be our only chance to have a future."  

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