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Making Contact With Aliens


As more and more UFO sightings are reported around the world, and more and more stories about alien abductions and sightings make their way through the Internet, people are starting to wonder just when and how we will make our first public contact with a race of intelligent beings from another world.


If the Roswell stories are to be believed, that contact may have already happened. But if true, the contact was kept highly secret.


Luciferian Aaron C. Donahue, who is advocating the calling of Lucifer's ship to save a remnant of the human race from extinction on our dying planet, says the probability of our actually coming face to face with an alien race is very low.


In fact, even though Donahue believes such a ship once took a remnant of humans from the planet and moved them into a future garden during Noah's time, he wonders if such a feat can be accomplished this time around.


Through PAN, an advanced form of remote viewing, Aaron and his sister, Jennifer Sharpe, have established that aliens do, indeed, exist on other planets in the universe, and that many of these advanced races are quite aware of our existence on Earth.


He believes that an alien we call Lucifer came to this planet at some distant time in the past and through DNA manipulation, or genetic engineering with existing primates, he created the human race.


We were an experiment in a speeded up form of evolution, but Lucifer did not go all of the way with us. He created us with the idea that we would continue to evolve, making use of our large brains, until we became a powerful collective information system. It was through us that the great energy system that is the universe, or God, would be revealed onto itself. In other words, God was to evolve from within us.


There have been four tries with this experiment, and each time it ended in failure. On three earlier occasions, the Luciferians lifted a remnant of humans from the planet and moved us to safety after we wrecked our environment. Now we are doing it again.


The Luciferians do not have total support of the other races in the universe on this project. The opposition, known to us as angels, have been busy with all kinds of tricks to make us go astray. They fear us if we are allowed to evolve into the creatures we were designed to be.


Thus there are spiritual wars raging around us. We humans go to war over religious differences and fail to realize that there are no differences. We are all one. We all have the same soul. Yet we devote our energies to killing and destroying each other.


How do the angels and the demonic energies, or aliens who support the Luciferian experiment, keep in contact with us?


Aaron says it is a major event when an alien ship carries living creatures through space to visit Earth. Because they live trillions of miles away, even in our own galaxy, the trip is so lengthy individuals that take it are sacrificing themselves for the project. They might not live long enough to reach the ship's destination. Thus the trip is one planned with life support and plans for regeneration of the species. So if they come this far, it has to be for a very important reason.


Obviously the planting of alien seed in our DNA many thousands of years ago was considered very important.


But what about all of the alien ships, the sightings of alien beings, and the other peculiar happenings on Earth, like crop circles, human abductions, animal mutilations and beastly sightings? Donahue says these are all done by projecting holographic images.


It may be hard to convince people like Travis Walton, the Arizona man who "went missing" in an alien craft for about a week in the 1970s, but Aaron believes the technology on these planets is so advanced, the aliens travel to Earth by holographic projection of their ships, themselves, and the strange looking beings they put before us. Aaron's idea is that the aliens don't only sent holographs that are seen by us, but they use them to look at us. When the images come in contact with us we can feel them, and they can do physical things to us.


I have had personal theories that the ships and their operators cross dimensions to enter our environment. But this does not seem to be supported by Aaron's latest data.


However they do it, the ships are here. And so is life in a variety of forms. Much of this life swarms around us in a spiritual form that is invisible to most of us.  


Old art work in the museums of the world, and even in cave drawings, depict images of UFOs in the sky, so we know that these holographic images have been observed by humans for a very long time. That they are so common now is significant, Aaron believes. He thinks the aliens are using them to watch our planet because something significant is happening to it at this time. The planet and all of the life on it is in the process of self-destruct.


The question is, can we call upon the friendly beings to send a rescue ship before it is too late?  Aaron believes that Noah found a way to do this. Thus Aaron is busy using PAN to find out how Noah did it.


He believes the 72 tones of Lucifer, given to him by magickly raising and remote viewing all 72 Goetia Spirits, will have something to do with it. He believes these tones, when used together in just the right sequence and frequency, comprise the real name of Lucifer our creator.


"It is a beautiful name," Aaron says. "Everyone who hears it will weep because it will make them very sad. They will suddenly know what they have done to the Earth."


Aaron wants to form musical groups that will play these musical tones, thus awakening the world to the plight it is in. He believes there are two ways of fighting the angelic damage. One is waking everybody up with the music. The other is perhaps using the music to call upon Lucifer for help.


Donahue believes the ship that came for Noah's people was unmanned. But it was sent after Lucifer built a machine that called it. He is looking for either this machine, or a blueprint for making another one just like it.

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