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Before starting our session on Sunday, November 23, there was a discussion about the meaning of Abba Father. I found the expression in the Book of Romans where Paul wrote that the adopted children or God cried out Abba Father. Knowing this was the book of the angels, we needed assurance.


The entity this time identified itself as Abba Father Yodhehvauheh (YHVH,) a Hebrew word that means "to be," and a reference to God's declaration of Himself as "I Am." Other translations of this word included Jehovah and Adonai. Adonai has been one of the entities Doris has communicated with for a long time, never understanding just who or what he is. Has she always been in touch with Lucifer?


We asked the identity of Elohim, yet another Hebrew name for God. The answer was vague, but concluding with "the testimony of truth was not with Elohim." 


We asked about Michael, another familiar communicator that brought a faint violet glow when he was about. Michael was often with us during difficult times on the road in Arizona. His protective glow surrounded me when I drove for two straight days and nights, alone, from Arizona to Michigan in December, 1999. With a severe winter storm on my tail, I believe to this day that it was Michael who guided me safely home. The answer to this question: he is an angelic being that "was a helper on Earth." Because he did not agree with what the other angels were doing to man, he was banned by the others.


Who are the angels and where did they come from?


The answer: They are a powerful race of beings from the Orion constellation of stars that seem to project themselves to Earth. Although the Abba Father said they reside in a ship that hides above the Earth. Like vampires, they lust for beings of light. "They wanted control of all of mankind," our contact said. "They came here to interfere with love. No one knew about their lust for humans because they (had not created fear at first). But every one of the angelic beings learned that fear was a way to control, so mankind fell into their trap.


"Here on Earth (angels) are only (invisible) mind control. But on Orion they bear a resemblance to what you see as bats. They have wings quite large but here you see in your paintings they are quite different."


We were told that the Anunnaki, that race of alien visitors that brought darkness to the planet by manipulating with human DNA, are "beings that resonate energy back and forth with the angelic ones."


Many other alien visitors come to the planet but they bring no harm to us. They include the Pleiadians, Lumarians, Triads and the "keepers on Earth who hold the answers."


The Abba Father is one of these many different life forms that coexist with us.


My question then was "Who is God?"


The answer: "Within each of the humans on Earth is God. No where else. You are all the same. No one can be any other. God is you. Fear is not to be in a god. Only the angelic beings are fear based. They cannot stand with a human who knows who they are. So God is your true being in mind and heart and body. All are gods.


"Trapped are the angelic ones who do not know they are beings that cannot claim the godhead."


I asked for a clarification of this last sentence.


The answer: "The veils are not lifted yet. Some are still up. Angelic ones try to put them all back but more humans are becoming aware that no one needs (angels) anymore. The awareness of each human, that God is inside, not outside, is becoming a problem. The angelic ones cannot deal with this. The emphasis is (shifting to) mankinds godhead and not seeing themselves as needing outside guidance."


Doris asked the Abba Father to describe himself.


The answer: "The white around me is so bright no one can look at me because of the light. My eyes are deep. A bare head is there. Arms fold around and up so the light goes all around. When love comes my way there is glowing all around."


She asked about the 72 tones from each of the Goetia Spirits now released after thousands of years in captivity.


The answer: "The tones call me to your planet. They are finally outside my realm. One can hear them now. They are becoming known to a man on Earth. He can hear me sing now so he resonates my tone. Many will hear and recognize this. All will become witness to tones.


"Love will not be hidden ever again. Mankind will be forced to hear what they have done to the Earth. The tones will bring back the right way to live. No one will escape the truth about the Earth. All humankind will cry Abba Father, because the truth will be too much for them to bear. Crying and gnashing of teeth will be heard all over the world."


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