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The Looming Judgment



Our second evening session on November 19, 2003 with Abba Father was severe. For lack of direction we asked for a message. This is what was received:


"Long ago the world was nothing. It was turned over to a system of ape-looking beings. They could not rule over Earth so another code was given to them. Structured like me, DNA was given to them in another form. Quickly they rose upward (developed human intelligence and awareness). Many became human; not servants but kings."


I pictured the sudden advent of civilizations, with cities and governments. Perhaps, in our own Aeon, it was the Mesopotamian Empire. I believe there were others at much earlier times. But the system became severely flawed.


"(They were) prone to be warriors on Earth. Love was there but too many became quiet battlers and wars came. This was not right," the Abba Father continued. "So many times Earth was restored by death."


There was the key. The old Hopi legend about the people climbing into new worlds, the story of Noah's ark; they all were distorted reports of the total destruction of humanity with a remnant left. From that remnant the progenitor tried again and again to build a perfect world. That perfection was a quest for love. While we all possessed the ability to achieve this state of mind, we chose to look to materialism, to power, wealth and greed. We chose war and hatred for our fellow man. We allowed fear to dominate our lives. The human race has once again reached a state of intolerance.


Abba Father warned: "Now is the last time. No one can live on Earth now. The relation of loving beings is no more. The fears that follow cannot be mended."


The judgment will be brought by mans own folly. The entity warned that nuclear war will make the earth uninhabitable and that all living creatures will perish because of it. "The dead ones will toll the world," he said. Even the wealthy will not escape this self-made holocaust.


Will there be a remnant saved? Abba Father says there will. He promises that "your kind will become much love, not hate. The Universe will be instructed to help you escape" because we can no longer live on the Earth.


The promise is that a vehicle to transport us has been secretly hidden somewhere on the Earth for just such an emergency. But it is so well hidden that no man can see it yet. "A warp of time will reveal its location. Put all living travelers on board. They cannot stay because of the radiation on the Earth."


The entity concluded the session with: "Until all mankind is not about war, Earth will be dead."


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