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The Angelic Threat
Angels have been deeply engrained in the world religious systems for thousands of years. This was by angelic design. The religious systems that control us, through worship of false external gods, were created by the angels.
As the "holy" books were carefully written, they included constant reference to the angels. The books presented angels as friendly representatives of God, sent to Earth to help mankind.
There also is reference to demons as "fallen angels." They follow Lucifer, the mighty archangel that was supposedly cast out of Heaven.
Artists over the years have depicted angels as beautiful winged human figures surrounded by rays of light. Gargoyles, trolls, and other distorted forms depicting evil are shown as demonic figures. Thus through art and literature, the human psyche has been programmed to love the angel and fear the demon.
We have even invented the concept of "holy guardian angel." It is not based on scripture. Rather the HGA is a myth within the myth that each person is assigned a special angel that watches his/her affairs throughout life. Some like to say the HGA guides us through death and escorts us into Heaven.
This is all pretty foolish thinking for people who forgot their identity and are on the verge of destroying any chance they will ever have to find out. Thanks to angelic interference, the human race is presently in great peril. Unless we wake up soon, we are threatened with losing the Mother Earth that sustains us, and thereby going extinct.
Here is the skinny on angels. They are aliens. The so-called demons also are aliens. They are alike only in that they are what they are . . . spiritual beings that share out space, sometimes possess our bodies, and often influence our thoughts. The differences seem to be in ideology concerning the future of the human race.
Neither group seems to have any love for us. But the angelic realm wants to steer us hell-bent for self destruction, while the demonic world seems concerned about saving the planet and a remnant of the race for yet another try at habitation. We are assigned as caretakers, or stewards of the Mother Earth.
These two spiritual groups have been at war with one another for a very long time. The cause of this war appears to be us. This should give us some clue as to how important we are to the spiritual world. We are apparently not just another race of intelligent life forms that sprang up by natural evolution in this corner of space.
Because I have met some spiritual entities while out of my body and exploring the astral world, I have assumed that the astral is the natural environment for both angelic and demonic spirits. These spirits all have the ability to possess an unwitting human. Possession seems to be through suggested thought and on occasion, the control of our bodies.
It has come to mind in recent years that there is another possibility.
When Aaron C. Donahue raised all 72 Goetia Spirits in a remarkable series of remote viewing sessions in 2002, he often drew them with space craft of various shapes, sizes and colors overhead. Many of these same ships have appeared in photographs, video recordings, artist's drawings and even rock carvings that go back hundreds, if not thousands of years.
Something that became known to Aaron during his remote viewing sessions is that many aliens were reluctant to show themselves as they really look, but rather projected images of themselves in various mythical forms, including unicorns, flying giant bird-like creatures, and other animal forms. Some showed themselves in human skeletal form. It became obvious to Aaron that the Goetia spirits are masters in projecting holographic images that appear to be real.
It has consequently occurred to us that even the ships may be holographs, rather than the real thing. Could they be using this kind of futuristic technology to project themselves and their ships millions of light years of space when they choose?
The real appearance of aliens in solid bodies may be quite rare. This ability would account for many of the world myths and anomalies like Big Foot, the Loc Nes Monster, mothman, dragons and sea serpents.
Aaron also has uncovered strong evidence that the Bible story about the fall of Lucifer, and his domination of the Earth, is only a half-truth. Lucifer fell out of favor with the angelic realm when he decided to alter the DNA of natural primates living on this planet. The changes not only made the primates intelligent, it gave them brains with two hemispheres. Thus we are, in a sense, the children of Lucifer and the Earth is our Mother.
The angelic spirits are here to wreck the work of Lucifer.
This concept, for me, is a mystery that is only recently beginning to unravel. If true, there is much to learn. I believe that the story of Lucifer was indeed flawed, like all of the other myths in our culture, by angelic intervention. What I don't completely understand is why the angels are fighting this amazing experiment in the way they are.
What I do understand is that I will not allow an invisible spirit intelligence planting foreign ideas in my head. And I am not willing to "give my life to Jesus," thus inviting an alien force to enter my body and control my life. That is possession of the worst kind. 

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