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Orobas the Horse

Orobas; The Little Horse
The Goetian Spirit Orobas is somewhat of a mystery. He came to Aaron C. Donahue as the head of a horse projecting out of what seems to be a crumpled maze of rubble.
Three tiny oval shapes of space craft can be seen far in the distance in the drawing. They were omitted from the drawing on this page for purposes of editing the image of the spirit.
I suspect he is merely a holographic projection. Especially since he is so incomplete.
The image of Orobas follows the same general line of information the old masters had when they evoked this demon. He came to them, sometimes, as a beautiful horse. But always a horse. To Aaron he was a very small horse and almost the image of a stuffed animal with most of its stuffing knocked out of it.
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Collin de Plancy wrote of this spirit: "A high prince of hell, Orobos commands 20 legions. He appears in the form of a beautiful horse or as a man, who speaks of the divine essence. He knows of the past/present/future, can discover falsehoods, grants favors and help, and can reconcile enemies."

Orobas Sigil

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