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Ships of Vine

Energy In The Sky
The revealing of the Goetia Spirit Vine shows us some type of event going on in space. There is what appears to be a mother ship, with a smaller vehicle just under it. And there are flashes of energy coming not only from the mother ship, but from a point in space.
What does this mean? If remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue knows, he reveals not. He merely writes: "The craft of Vine is shown as well as related technologies."
Even the old magickians knew little about Vine. "He appears as a lion or with a lion's head, rides a black horse, and holds a viper," they said.
His talents? S. L. MacGregor Mathers wrote: "He discovers hidden things, witches and wizards, and events of the past, present, and future. He can also build towers, overthrow stone walls, and cause storms at sea."
It takes some sophisticated technology to do all of that.

Vine Sigil

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