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Sabnock And Ships

A Warrior Spirit
In the picture, drawn in a remote viewing session by Aaron C. Donahue, Sabnock looks like a rock filled with energy, planted on the Earth while two very large ships hover overhead.
Donahue writes that he feels Sabnock is "war like" and that his craft are silvery in color. Go to his web site at:
S. L. MacGregor Mathers in his study of Goetia Spirits concluded that Sabnock "appears as an armed soldier with a lion's head who rides on a pale horse." Indeed, a silvery space craft seems to always be mistaken by the old magickians as a light colored or "pale" horse.
Mathers, who copies his material from earlier observers of demonic spirits, adds that Sabnock's specialty is war-like. "He builds towers, castles, and cities and supplies them with armor. He also can cause men to be infected with wounds, sores, or worms for many days."
The conclusion: evoke Sabnock if you want to start a war.

Sabnock Sigil

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