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Furfur Image

Donahue's Furfur

A Flying Deer With Burning Tail
We have all heard the fictional Christmas story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, but who ever heard of a flying deer with a fiery red tail? Was the Rudolph fable a recollection of something from the subconscious?
The old magickians who knew the Goetia Spirits certainly knew about this image. He is a spirit with the strange name of Furfur. And even contemporary magickian Aaron C. Donahue, who raised this demon and drew it during a remote viewing session, says it appears to look like a deer. I am not sure Donahue saw a fiery tail, although he reports that a lot of energy, or light radiates from Furfur.
Donahue writes on his web site: "A deer-like image is projected that is very bright."
Collin de Plancy wrote that "Furfur is a count of hell who rules 26 legions. He appears as an angel or a stag with a flaming tail."
The interesting thing about this spirit is that it is supposed to be able to bring storms and control the weather.
Seagate adds that "Furfur can raise thunder and lightning and cause great storms to form. He also is able to influence men and women to make love and participate in perversions by the sound of his voice."
If they are right, this demon can cause a bit of mischief.


Sigil of Furfur

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