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Foras In Blood

Foras Brings Ominous Warning
Like the other Goetian Spirits formerly appearing in human form, when Foras was evoked in Aaron Donahue's remote viewing room, he came as a skeleton. It is a message of death.
But Foras had even more to say. His bearded remains stood waist deep in a pool of blood, Donahue said.
"Foras is said to assist life unto any man and yet I understand the image that it projects," Donahue writes on his web page. He says the spirit is telling us that the future "is hopeless for all mankind."
Donahue said that after evoking this demon, Foras came to him again in a dream. He said this time he appeared as a "hairless human like figure standing within a deep red pool of blood."
He writes that he has no recollection of speaking with the spirit, although he received a clear message which was "a description of the extinct human race." He said he was not only told that we would become extinct, but when and how it would happen.
"I believe that this aforementioned being is Foras (and) that (he) did foretell of the annihilation of the human soul apart from Eden," Donahue wrote.
The ancients always described Foras as "a strong man" who understood herbs and knew the secrets of long life. Some said he could even make men live forever.
How ironic that it would be this spirit who brings the death sentence to all of mankind.

Sigil of Foras

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