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Is He A Fire Starter?
In 1863, Collin de Plancy wrote of the 23rd Goetia Spirit Aim in "Dictionnaire Infernal" the following:
"Haborym (aka Aym) is a fire demon and a duke of hell, who commands 26 legions. He appears holding a torch and riding a viper and he has three heads; a serpent, a man, and a cat."
That has been the opinion of magickians throughout the ages, that Aim (or Haborym) is a fire starter; that where ever he goes, things burn.
The old drawing of Aim shows him as a complex character that is said to be always carrying an eternal flame in one hand as he moves about.
But Aaron C. Donahue has discovered something interesting about this spirit that the ancients could never have seen without the science of technical remote viewing. Donahue's drawing of Aim certainly produced a three-headed entity, and captured the essence of a lot of energy radiating from it.
But there did not seem to be fire.
On his web site Donahue wrote of Aim: "After the evocation there seemed an orange ambient light filling the corners of the temple room. This remained so to the end of my remote viewing session.
"Three white lights are seen upon the human-like head of Aim. An orange light is centered representing a source or technology associated with the source of this entity."
The light may have appeared to be fire, and it may even cause fire, but it is not an eternal flame carried in the hands of Aim. It comes from the core of the image that visited Aaron during his remote viewing session.
The heads and body of Aim do not match the description given by the old magickians either. Most of the body appears to be that of a coiled serpent attached to the serpent head on the left. The head on the right is an odd creation that does not look to me like a cat. It is clearly alien in its origin.
Notice the large cavity with what look like fangs at the end of the serpent.
From all appearances, Aim is a deadly creature. If his mission is not to burn, it will be something equally as bad.

Old Image
Sigil of Aim

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