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The Prince of Fools
It has been said that the Goetian Spirit Ipos has earned the title "Prince of Fools." That is because he has appeared to the ancients as one of the strangest concoctions of known Earth animals ever known.
His description: "Ipos appears as an angel with a lion's head, the feet of a goose and the tail of a hare."
But when you see the real Ipos, as he revealed himself to remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue, you discover that we have all been fooled for a very long time. Like the others, Ipos is an alien that has used holographic images to portray himself when summoned by magickians of the past.
Instead of the title Prince of Fools, he might better be called the "Fooling Prince," or the Prince that Fooled Us All."
Donahue notes that there is a lot of light around this spirit. He said the light was so bright "I found it difficult to capture the facial features."
 Notice that the light seems to be coming from a tiny black dot in the drawing located directly in front of Ipos. Also notice that a space craft hovers right overhead.
Donahue notes that "Ipos governs 36 legions of spirit and is said to reveal the future of man."
Johann Wier believed Ipos also "maketh a man wittie, and bold" and Seagrave added to this by saying "men are more likely to fight than talk when they are in the presence of Ipos."


Old Image
Sigil of Ipos

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