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Agares Earthquake Machines

Agares Shakes The Earth
Not just earthquakes, remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue said he sensed that this particular Goetian Spirit also is about to pop the top off at least one major volcano in the Western United States.
And it is going to happen very soon.
Agares didn't appear to Aaron like he apparently did to the old magickians. Those guys saw a withered old man with a bird in one hand, riding a crocodile. Or else he was an old man riding a giant tortoise. And was that a sparrow hawk or a goshawk in the old fellow's hand? The story changed.
What Aaron drew was technology. He saw three soaring ships circling the top of a very high mountain.
These ships contain the pith of the Goetian Spirit Agares. Whether he is the leader of a band of space pilots, or his spirit comprises all three vessels, is not clear. What was clear to Aaron is that Agares is going to soon be "doing his thing." The Earth is going to start rocking and rolling.
Collin de Plancy in Dictionnaire Infernal wrote that Agares " can exalt people, teach all languages, and make the earth spirits dance."
Johann Wier wrote that this demon "fetcheth backe all such as runne awaie, and maketh them runne that stand still; he overthroweth all dignities hee maketh earthquakes."
As with other demons, Agares has assumed many other names during the thousands of years he has existed in this place. They include: Agaures, Amaymon, Barmiel, Carnifiel, Daresiel, Dardariel, Tamiel, "King of the East" and Grand Duke of Eastern Hell.
I suspect some folks will like that last name after he starts things shaking.
Agares, the second spirit named in the Goetia, is a duke who controls 31 legions of demons.

Old Image
Sigil of Agares

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