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Eligos and Friend

Strange Metallic Spirit
The old ones said the Goetia Spirit Eligos always appeared as a knight carrying a lance, an ensign and a serpent.
From the remote viewing session that produced Aaron C. Donahue's drawing of this imposing looking entity, that general description hasn't changed a lot. Eligos, indeed, looks something like a knight, although I think that was an incorrect assumption on the part of the old magicians who didn't know how else to describe what they were looking at.
Looking at the picture from a contemporary perspective, especially with a saucer shaped ship in clear view overhead, we might also think of this as a life form inside a space suit, or possibly a robot sent to meet us by its controllers aboard the ship.
The only real life form seems to be the large serpent, extending out in front of Eligos. Also significant is the strange bar, or object that appears to pass horizontally through the head of the space suit, and the lines indicating some kind of burst of energy showing at one side of the being.
From the things we have learned about past examinations of the demonic forces, the serpent, not the imposing looking metallic figure, may be the intelligent force we seek. Notice how the image of the serpent is significant even in the sigil at the bottom of the page.
Seagrave offers an elaborate description of Eligos, much of which I suspect is imaginary interpretation of old writings: "Eligos appears in the form of a goodly knight in black armor and riding a dark war-horse. In his right hand he carries a banner on a lance. It bears a legend which cannot be read except from another dimension. In his left hand he holds a curling serpent with ruby scales whose venom is acid."
All of the old magickians agreed on one thing; Eligos is a spirit with a military energy. He is an advisor to armies and some believe he helps bring them to victory.
Notice the harsh, squared corners showing on the craft above Eligos. I singled it out and enlarged the image for closer inspection. Many of the craft Donahue draws with these spirits seem to be unique, indicating that they come from different places and possibly different times.
Eligos is a duke who governs 60 legions of demons. He is the 15th spirit listed in the Goetia.

Metalic Craft
Eligos Sigil

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