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Samigina Under Alien Craft

The "Little Horse"
Is An Alien Hologram
For thousands of years the Goetian Spirit known as Samigina has been seen by magickians in the form of an ass, or some say a "little horse."
Also known as Gamigin, this spirit holds the rank of marquis. He first appears in the form of a little horse or ass, and then changes into human shape at the request of the summoner. It is said that he speaks with a horse voice. He teaches all liberal sciences and gives account of dead souls that died in sin. He governs 30 Legions of Inferiors.
When evoked by contemporary magickian and remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue, however, there was a surprise.
As Donahue studied this spirit with his subconscious mind, or "Third Eye," his hand first drew the images of three orange balls high overhead. From these balls, or alien space craft, was projected the image of Samigina, the little horse.
You can see this drawing and Aaron's remarks at his web site at:
Aaron's interesting discovery was that this so-called "demon," is no more than a holographic projection from an alien craft. The aliens have been fooling Earth's magicians for a very long time. It took the science of remote viewing to reveal the truth.
This is not to say that Samigina does not exist as a Goetian Spirit. He is very real and very powerful, just as all of the other spirits on this list. All the holographic image means is that the real spirit, that rides above in a space craft, does not choose to allow anyone to see his real image.
From personal encounters in sub-space I can understand why it might be difficult for some alien life forms to avoid observation by human eyes. Some are no more to us than flashes of energy without solid substance. Life comes in a wide variety of forms and shapes in this universe.
It is interesting to note, however, that all of the spirits drawn by Donahue to date look a lot like humans. They have bodies with heads and arms, they seem to have eyes or some kind of sensory system that allows them to see, sense and even speak. And they come from very old and advanced cultures, some of which may be our very ancestors.
This particular spirit, Samigina, has a particular talent. He can speak to the dead, but only those who died in sin. That is, of course, by definition of the angelic controlled church.
As stated by one writer: Samigina "has the power to converse with the dead, and can give an account of all beings who have died except for servants of the Forces of Light." In other words, he consoles all of the dead but will have nothing to do with Christians who died serving under angelic control. To Samigina, these people are lost.
Remember that there is a war going on between the angels. The Goetian Spirits are the most powerful of the "fallen angels." They fell, or were separated, because they chose to serve man rather than rebel against the human experiment like the other angels did.
The lie has been that the demons are evil. They have been on our side all along.

Samigina Sigil

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