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Aaron's Bael

Old Image

Why Have So Many Humans Worshipped Bael?

Ancient historical records indicate that Bael, the first principal spirit listed in the Goetia, has been the subject of human worship for thousands of years.

The Hebrews were admonished in the Old Testament for turning away from JHVH (an alien imposter) and bowing down to Bael. The Sumerians worshipped several gods, including Marduk, another name for Bael, also called Baal. The Cannanites and Amorites also worshipped Bael. Some believe the Egyptian god Osris was none other than Bael in disguise.

I suspect that this spirit, who seems to have escaped Solomon's bindings even though he is named among the 72 Goetian Spirits, may still have bands of secret worshippers bowing to him at clandestine places.

The irony of such behavior is that Bael cannot serve, nor admire anyone created above him, yet foolish enough to bow down to him. He thus makes a mockery of human religious zeal.

His sigil, almost an image of a dancing stick figure with extended crosses in both hands, portrays a prankster who enjoys misbehaving whenever the opportunity arises. And the joke, for him, seems to be aimed at formal religion, a creation of the angels and designed to entrap the human race.

That Bael has successfully drawn thousands of angelic followers into a lair of his own making may seem to be a silent attack against the angels. Sad that the humans, who were the victims of his tricks, never appreciated the humor in his antics.

The old image of Bael, portrayed for years after early summoners caught glimpses of three heads and what they thought were spidery legs, was a close portrayal of the way this spirit really appears. But they thought Bael had the heads of a man, a cat and a toad.

Magickian and master remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue, however, caught the real image of Bael during a recent session in his own private temple. This image, found at Aaron's web site at:, shows Bael as a three-headed and very alien appearing entity emerging from an inverted crown. The crown is an indication of the spirit's title. He is a king.

According to S. L. MacGregor Mathers, Bael is the King of the East and rules over 66 legions of spirits.

Look closely at the Donahue drawing, which shows Bael as he really looks to a remote viewer. The two faces are clearly alien. The face on the left, showing only eyes, seems to be robed, while the partly hidden face on the right shows one piercing eye mindful of the gaze of a cat. Small wonder the ancients mistook that head as that of a cat. Wrapped around the neck is the head and body of something serpentine, identified in the old drawings as that of a toad. Even the upside down eye of the serpent is staring directly at the artist.

There is cunning reflected here. Bael may enjoy his jokes, but he is not one to trust. There is no love of humanity reflected in those eyes. Nor should we blame him.

There may be another, deep rooted and subconscious reason why many humans feel an impulse to worship Bael. We look at him as a "father" figure. Donahue said the remote viewing session with this spirit revealed some kind of possible link with human origins on this planet.

Donahue writes on his site: "Representing three elements of the evolved human brain, Bael presents itself within three human like faces. Notice that the lowest face appears reptilian.

"It is clear that Bael involves the human genetic influence by three separate entities. It is possible that psychological evolution could be the means by which this is completed as well as the use of other technologies," Donahue says.

He concludes: "One might consider Bael to be an early human father or at least an architect working in concert with other 'fallen' entities."

It is commonly stated that when Bael speaks, the voice is coarse, perhaps gravelly. He is said to have the power of invisibility. That is he can become invisible, and perhaps make his summoner invisible upon request. 


Bael Sigel

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