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Seere Flies Through The Sky
The Goetian Spirit Seere will not seem like a stranger to many of us. We have all seen pictures of him, even photographs from time to time.
That is because Seere seems to be a UFO.
As incredible as this seems, this is the picture that emerged from Aaron C. Donahue's remote viewing session after the evocation of this amazing spirit. See this picture by visiting Aaron's web site at
True, the Goetian Spirits are all aliens, but whether the craft pictured in this drawing has a living being operating it from inside, or the craft is the living entity, is the mystery.
Consider this when you examine the photograph on this page. Are we looking at a living spirit, or is it a ship with a living operator within?
Even Seere's sigil, which appears on this page, indicates the erratic movements we see when a UFO is observed fleeting through the night sky.
The image in Donahue's head as he remote viewed Seere was "an orange red object" steaking across a night sky, and then stopping suddenly overhead. "It hovers and remains in this position."
Seere is associated with a technology that is alien or "angelic," Donahue added.
The old magickians who evoked Seere saw him "as a handsome man with hair the color of corn and eyes like ice riding a silver stallion with Gryphon wings."
A magician of the air, Seere is said to be capable of passing "over the entire earth at the twinkling of an eye and can carry others with him. He brings abundance of things in his wake,"  the old ones said.
The Mathers book on Goetia says Seere also is called Sear and Seir. He is the Seventienth Spirit in the Goetia who governs 26 Legions.
Seere "is quite powerful under Amaymon, King of the East. He can make an abundance of events happen suddenly, and will carry whatever is requested of him. He can pass over the whole Earth in the twinkle of an eye. He also knows of theft and hidden treasures." Mathers writes.


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