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Andromalius Descending

Serpent Defender From The Stars
The ancients caught glimpses of the Goetian Spirit Andromalius, but they did not understand what they were looking at.
One description: "Andromalius appears as a large man of fearsome mien holding a viper in one hand. He dresses all in cloth of gold."
MacGregor Mathers copies this with: "He appears in the form of a man holding a serpent."
Contemporary magickian Aaron C. Donahue made a remarkable discovery when he recently evoked this exciting spirit and then examined it through the science of technical remote viewing.
 Andromalius is the serpent, not the image of the man holding it.
What is even more interesting is that rather than being held in the hands of a human figure, Andromalius revealed himself to Donahue as an alien, descending from a saucer shaped craft.
To see more, or visit the other Goetian Spirits evoked at Aaron's temple, go to his web site at:
Andromalius then is not a viper at all. This spirit merely takes the form of a long, coiled serpent. It is really an extremely intelligent and powerful force that is now at work in this world of woe.
Legend has it that if you are honest Andromalius is not to be feared. You should tremble, however if you are a thief, liar or cheat, which probably describes a lot of people on this planet. Andromalius is dedicated to the punishment of thieves wherever he finds it and to the return of the victims' valuables.
Police beware. Super-alien, the flying serpent, is now on the job.

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