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Peeking Vassago

Vassago: An Impish Spirit
When Aaron C. Donahue evoked the Goetian Spirit Vassago, he was surprised by an alien looking creature with a large eye peaking at him from around an invisible petition.
He wrote: "A pale image of an eye first appeared and then a human like face surrounding the eye moved out to my left side and then out of view. At any time this image could only be seen as one half of perhaps a whole. It is as if a mirror "cut" the image in half never to be seen as complete."
Looking at Aaron's drawing of Vassago, posted on his web site at:, I had the distinct impression of an impish spirit, eager to play with a master prankster. Practical jokes have been Donahue's trademark since he was a child heckled by his teachers.
Odd how the half of Vassago that was visible to Aaron looked very much like the classic alien that we often refer to as the Gray. Yet early magicians who evoked this playful demon saw something entirely different.
One early description of Vassago was that he appeared "as an aged man riding a crocodile and carrying on his right wrist a Goshawk. His eyes are hollow and see into other dimensions, but he is blind in this dimension."
That is not the Vassago observed in Aaron's temple.
Still another description is that Vassago appears as "a blood-red dragon, extending one slithe (30 feet) long." The creature was observed by this summoner as having large, red wings. It walked on four legs, had green eyes and white fangs.
It appears that Vassago enjoys changing form and playing games with the people who call upon him. Over the years he has gained a reputation as being a relatively benign or even friendly spirit who can tell of future events, find lost or hidden treasures, and reveal things of the past.
Because of his talents, Vassago has sometimes been called a Prince of Prophecy.


Vassago's Sigil

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