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Focalor At Work

Focular; Duke of the Drowned
Almost insect in its appearance, with gryphon wings attached to its arms, this demon seemed to waste no time following its invokation by magickian and remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue.
As his hands quickly drew the images picked up from the subconscious while in advanced stages of the art, Donahue noted that in addition to Focular, he also drew a large body of water in the background, and two objects falling into it. You can see his drawing at
That same day, two commercial airliners, one from China and the other from India, crashed. The Chinese airliner disappeared into the Pacific Ocean. Was Focular responsible? Only days later, two U. S. Navy jets disappeared while on a routine flight over the Gulf of Mexico.
Donahue said he was keenly aware of the spirit's intense hatred of the human race during his brief encounter with Focular.
According to ancient lore, Furcalor is obsessed with slaying men by drowning them and he will pursue his calling ruthlessly at every opportunity unless bound by his summoner.
Furcalor appears as a humanoid with Gryphon's wings and green, scaly skin. His hair is like seaweed and he smells of death and the sea. His voice is a whisper and is compelling when he suggests action to men.
He is a practitioner of the College of Water Magicks. He has the power to command the beasts of the sea and to gather great storms at sea. He breathes both water and air.
Furcalor holds the rank of Duke, with power over 30 legions of spirits.

Sigil of Focalor

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