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Rovone - Spirit Of Political Doubletalk


Yet another revelation of the Goetia spirits is Rovone, a distorted "monster" figure said to magically give politicians, salesmen and carnival pitch men golden words that make others believe in them.


Whether it’s snake oil or a political promise, the huckster is believed to draw his talents on the charm of this strange demon, the twenty-seventh of the Goetia spirits once captured by Solomon.


First impressions when you gaze upon the remote viewed drawing of Rovone is that of a wrapped mummy with a pale, grotesque face exposed.


Most troublesome, even from the simplicity of the sketch, is the gaze of the single eye, and the twisted lips, suggesting an impish grin. As if the demon is enjoying his exposure to the world after thousands of years in darkness.


Notice too the suggestion of a shadow in the drawing. As if this monster can in some way cloud the minds of those it touches.


"A grotesque figure shadows the mind's eye and a distinct smell of a rose is noted. I have the feeling of a Specific kind of verse and tone being that it must be used in a "delicate" way or manner so that one may persuade another against his or her will," Donahue wrote following his encounter. 


"Ronove is thought to be associated with rhetoric and I believe that it may be, at least in part, true.


"It is interesting to note that while attending an in-house program at The Monroe Institute, I met and spoke with a man who had recently been to dinner with former President Bush at the White House.


"There he clairvoyantly noticed a shadowed figure that resembled a misshapen man or "monster" standing near the President. As I listened to this odd story, I felt somewhat convinced although deeply skeptical.


"Years later this image of a misshapen man appeared to me while (out of the body) looking over former President Clinton. It is not unusual to find principalities and other forms of energy within the 'astral' although this one image is for me novel being that those people independent of me are also 'seeing' the image similarly described.


"Now it may seem clear although far from conclusive just what this image may be. I believe that it fits the description of Ronove. This spirit is known for the art of rhetoric and political persuasion to those foe and friend alike," Donahue concludes.


Ronove's rank is Earl, and he governs nineteen legions of demons.



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