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Forced Vaccination?
Who Owns your Body,
You or the State?
Courtesy of Jerry Smith's "Over the Transom"
Author unknown

Awhile ago when some of our Libertarian friends alerted me to proposed legislation that would grant our government power to require everyone to be vaccinated, I foolishly assumed it was another unbelievable urban legend and I did not even check it out. 
Rape, on the anatomical level, amounts to forced deposition of unwanted material in a body cavity (not really yet inside the body, just deposited in a cavity). Forced vaccination is rape carried beyond, to the next step, actual penetration of our body's defense, the skin and injection of unwanted material INSIDE our bodies.
Even in the police state being forced on us using the post 9/11 Reichstag Fire hysteria, I did not think even our frantic government would try to go this far without creating more tragedies first.
I was wrong.  At we can see which states have already enacted this obscene legislations and which are in the process and at, we can learn more details.  It appears that this is for real.
Regardless of whether or not you believe that injection of toxins into your body (with or without possible Trojan Horse silicon chips developed to track our every move) is beneficial, as our government and drug industry would like us to believe, the issue is:  who owns your body, you or the State?
If you believe that contacting your government politicians and begging them to vote against this legislation is an effective use of your time, now is the time.  If you believe that writing letters to the editor of local and national newspapers will help, which I do, go for it. And if you believe notifying those you care about is useful, as I obviously do, feel
free to pass this on to them.
Here's what they're doing here in California and have already done in New Mexico and South Dakota, according to the map at
Emergency Health Powers Act (In California- Bill 1763) based upon Model Health Emergency Health Powers Act, would allow the governor to declare a "public health emergency", and without consulting with public health authorities, law enforcement, the legislature or courts, to:
* Require any individual to be vaccinated. Refusal constitutes a crime and will result in quarantine.
* Require any individual to undergo specific medical treatment.  Refusal constitutes a crime and will result in quarantine.
* Seize any property, including real estate, food, medicine, fuel or clothing, an official thinks necessary to handle the emergency.
* Seize and destroy any property alleged to be hazardous. There will be no compensation or recourse.
* Draft you or your business into state service.
* Impose rationing, price controls, quotas and transportation controls.
* Suspend any state law, regulation or rule that is thought to interfere with handling the declared emergency.

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