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Aaron Greeted By Canadian Luciferians


By James Donahue

March 28, 2006


Several Canadians used 94.5 FM radio’s open lines Monday night to declare their support and welcome Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue during his appearance on CIBU’s Bull Pen with Joey Martin.


One man said there was “quite a contingent of us” in Canada, which came as a welcome surprise to Donahue, who expected an assault by the conservative Christian faction.


That came too. Even the show’s producer, an apparent Bible-thumper, made it clear that Donahue’s appearance on the show was an annoyance. He interceded on several occasions and cut off statements by callers, or statements Donahue was making in response to caller attacks.


Some callers accused Donahue of “twisting words” and confusing his listeners by talking over their heads. Donahue said he refused to “dumb down” his message for people who already have their minds closed to the Luciferian concept.


We received reports that Martin and others were still talking about Donahue during Martin’s morning show today. They also were reading a stack of e-mails from listeners, both pro and con. The general consensus was that many at the station felt Donahue offers an unorthodox message but they admitted that they loved the ratings he brought to the station.


They said their website on Monday was receiving an average of 5,000 hits every hour.


Martin proved to be a skilled radio host. He gave Donahue good questions and let him give a clear explanation of Luciferian concepts during the first portion of the show. Because it was an FM station, there were few interruptions for advertising, station breaks and no breaks for news on the hour, something that listeners to AM stations can find annoying when the topic is hot.


Donahue talked about his abilities as a psychic, prophet, magickian and a practitioner of advanced remote viewing. He said the world religions are dying, declared Christianity to be the first of the four great world religions to fall, and predicted that the youth of the world are about to rise up and sweep the world with a call for a one-world socialist government with a spiritual component.


That component, Donahue said, will be Luciferianism. He also predicted that the Vatican will participate in this movement when it occurs.


Donahue warned that the angels have been controlling the people of the world, and feeding on human sexual energies, for 3,000 years and he said it is now time to drive them off and for humans to take over the planet.


He warned that the planet is dying and that the objective will be to make contact with the human progenitor, Lucifer, and transport the DNA of a select few humans back in time so that there is a chance to try again.


Even as he was making closing remarks, calling on listeners to stop loving their angels so they can learn to love themselves and then one another, the telephone line went dead for a few seconds. It was a demonstration of the way in which angels can interfere with electronic signals.


It was a subtle thing, but in its way it made its point.


Donahue still had time at the end of the show to repeat the message and make sure everybody heard it. That was that love is going to be the key to our salvation.


Martin remained an interested and warm host throughout the show, and at the end he declared himself raised in a Roman Catholic background, but said he was interested enough in what Donahue had to say that he would be researching Luciferianism.


Martin also said he would be inviting Donahue back to the show.


Station CIBU, “The Bull,” is a new station broadcasting from Wingham, Ontario, with sister stations CKNX and CKNXC-FM. It specializes in rock and roll music and talk shows at various times of the day. Martin has gained a reputation for bringing in controversial guests and stirring lively talk radio.


He obviously scored a hit with Aaron C. Donahue Monday.


The station streams its programming on the web, so the program could be heard by people all over the world.



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