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Understanding The Power Of The Human Mind


By James Donahue

March 2006


We have noticed that thinking bad thoughts about people who have brought emotional or physical harm to my person or family has often been followed by something bad happening to these individuals.


A coincidence, we might have once thought. But after extensive involvement in the occult and watching the work of black magick, we learned that the mind can be a powerful instrument of force.


Let us offer some examples.


When our daughter was in college and first driving a car, she quickly became acquainted with the local police who began ticketing her for every little infraction. It was not long before she was in great danger of losing her driver’s license. Michigan traffic laws have a point system and when drivers exceed a certain number of points, they lose driving privileges.


At the time she was living at home and driving 60 miles to and from the campus of the college. It was important that she maintain her driver’s license if she was going to continue her education.


One day she came home and said she had been issued yet another speeding ticket. She said she drove into a speed trap and got pulled over. But she insisted that she did not think she was speeding because she had just started up from an intersection with a four-way stop, and was picked up by police radar as she cleared a small hill about half a block away.


I took the car she was driving, a modest Chevrolet with a four-cylinder engine, to that same corner, and when I started up the hill I put the pedal to the metal, so to speak. She was right. By the time I cleared the top of that little hill the car had still not reached the speed limit.


My advice was to plead innocent and make the police prove their case. We would force a trial. I told her not to worry, I was familiar with the court system after years of reporting courts, and would accompany her. My plan was to guide her through the trial.


That was not to happen, however. The District Judge and local prosecutor ganged up on my daughter. Because I was not a licensed attorney I was not allowed to participate, or even sit with her. Thus she faced them alone at a bare table in front of the bench.


The court, the prosecution and the police literally ganged up on her. Not only that, but they broke just about every rule in the book. The prosecutor forced her to testify against herself, skillfully twisting her words. The police officer that issued the ticket told his story. She was not allowed to cross examine him or offer any rebuttal.


In the end the court found our daughter guilty, she lost her license and had to drop out of college that year.


You can understand the fierce anger boiling in the heads of both of us after that experience. We were especially angry at the judge for allowing such a fiasco to occur.


Within a few months that judge was being treated at the local hospital for a brain tumor. I can tell you that is a very bad way to die.


Did we cause it by mere thought?


Here is another story. One day the family decided to test the power of the mind. We had an especially annoying neighbor who went out of his way to cause chaos. Looking back on it I realize he was quite possessed with angelic energies and was being used as an instrument of attack.


One afternoon after another unnecessary confrontation with this man, three members of the family sat down in the house and started thinking a single thought. They started saying a mantra over and over, designed to attack him. It was not long before he clutched his chest, his face turned pale, and he staggered into the house. He was not seen again for many days.


Did the mantra work or was that a coincidence?


I believe the collective mind of at least three people, all thinking the same thought, can have a powerful effect on everything around them.


It is a powerful instrument and it must be used with great care. Psychic Aaron C. Donahue warns that sending this kind of energy out to attack an innocent person only comes back on the sender. It causes no harm to the target. This is known as bad karma.


This is a form of magick, however, that Donahue believes can be used by a number of like-thinking black magickians to bring important changes in the world. He believes a coordinated effort like this might have the power to actually bring a paradigm shift and save us all from ourselves.


It will take a lot of people participating, however, to overturn the power of millions of Christians all wanting an apocalyptic event to occur so their mystical Jesus will come back in the clouds. That has been a very powerful mental thought that has prevailed for too long.



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