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Aaron Rated As A Top Contemporary Occultist


By James Donahue


World media and government leaders may not recognize him, but Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue is will known on the World Wide Web.


The Encyclopedia Website lists Donahue as a top contemporary occultist. His name appears at the top of the list of known occultists, right above that of the late Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan.


Donahue is recognized by the site as a prophet, magician, remote viewer and self proclaimed luciferian. The site also notes that Donahue has his own Internet radio show. also offers a thorough profile about Donahue, copied directly from the Wikipedia encyclopedia website. This site also recognizes Donahue for his work as an environmentalist. When you click on the name Luciferian, the site explains the Luciferian movement and credits Donahue with creating its contemporary aspects. It also describes Gnostic Luciferian beliefs and touches on the link with the Freemasons.


In addition to these declared recognitions, you can find that Donahue has pages and pages of links to his own site, to this site where his work is frequently recognized, and many other websites that post comments about Aaron C. Donahue. The comments are both supportive and critical. They are all signs that Donahue is having an impact.


One columnist wrote: “Everyone in the RV world is talking about Aaron Donahue, whether they want to or not.”


Because he declares Lucifer as the father of the human race and denounces Christianity, the Islamics, the Buddhists and Hindus as angelic-inspired religious systems that have interrupted the natural spiritual and mental evolution of the human race, Donahue scares most people caught up in any of these religious systems.


The people who are listening to Donahue are mostly the atheists, Satanists, Gnostics and the youth whose minds are open to new ideas. He has a fast-growing number of supporters as well as a large list of enemies.


No one can meet Donahue, or listen to him on line and remain neutral about what they think about him and what he has to say.

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