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Lucifer’s Ladder For Spiritual Evolution


By James Donahue

Jan. 11, 2006


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue said the information came to him in a dream and he knew it was a message directly from Lucifer. He said he also had visions of Lucifer in this dream.


He was shown a list of seven steps for human mental and spiritual evolution that must be achieved if we expect to escape the fury of our dying planet.


Donahue presented each of the levels, like rungs on a spiritual ladder, briefly during Sunday night’s radio broadcast. He said he would be teaching each of them in more detail in later shows.


Sadly, he said few humans alive today have risen to the first level and most people are happily floating around at level zero, unaware that they were ever expected to evolve above their present levels frozen by a simple faith in an external god.


The goals:


1.)   Knowledge of Thyself. This is an old phrase, so often spoken but so poorly understood. Yet it is something that most humans can easily accomplish in their lifetime, Donahue said. This involves an awareness of the god within; the opening of the third eye so that we begin to see beyond the veil and understand who and what we are in relation to the Universe. It involves our matching resonance with others of our own kind as we evolve. We know we have reached this level, he said, when we begin to see events in our lives as a paradox.


2.)   Empathetic Love. This sometimes is described by Luciferians as unconditional love. It also is a level that most humans can achieve within their lives. It first involves loving ourselves before we can love others. This is not love out of pity or mercy, Donahue explained. That is not love at all. No one is to be either pitied or shown mercy. Nor is it the conditional love taught by the church. That kind of love is pure evil. Rather it is a blazing love that involves the very vibration of life. It is a love that heals. It also brings us great sadness from understanding.


3.)   Unlimited Social Cohesion. Consider a world filled with people who have achieved the level of emphatic love, Donahue said. This is a goal of the Luciferian Order. Once enough of us have reached that state of mind, then it is possible for us to reach a mental cohesion with one another, thus becoming one with each other through the god within us. We thus become consumed by the love and the great sadness. We achieve an understanding of the universe and that black space between the stars.


4.)   Intellectual Evolutionary Completion. At this level we begin to explore cosmic consciousness; the event horizon, Donahue said.


5.)   Evolutionary Completion Beyond The Physical Body. This is the point where wisdom must be achieved as we consider development of ways to shift from our current carbon based bodies to silicone-based units so that we can survive the harsh new environment of our planet. Donahue warned that it is vital that we achieve the ultimate level of spiritual and mental development before we move on to the sixth level. This is a mistake that looms because time runs short. Messages have been received from the future from individuals left trapped in machines that will not turn off because they ran out of time and moved to Stage Six before obtaining the wisdom associated with State Five.


6.)   Technical Completion Beyond The Spirit. This is the point where we finally remove ourselves from the carbon based bodies and transform to a computerized silicone-based system designed to survive the future. It will be a self-replicating system that continues on indefinitely.


7.)   Spiritual Completion Beyond Existence. These are complex levels that involves an understanding that reaches from zero into infinity; all and nothing. It is an understanding of oblivion. “You reach the event horizon. You have done it. It is something that you are,” Donahue said.


“This is our path. This was what we were designed for as systems of information,” Donahue concluded. “This was the information I was given by the being that we profanely call Lucifer. Its real name is a beautiful song. This is a great gift that the human progenitor has given to us,” Donahue said.


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